30 April, 2012

Belts 3.0

More and more belts. I finally found the right colour for the canette("ribbon").

More pictures later.

Ciao for now!

29 April, 2012

Tech no. 26

These last two days have been full of technical drawings. I'm trying to finish them before tomorrow. Which means that I have to make 20 today, but we all know that its not possible, so I will continue working on it tomorrow!

Now, get ready for the gym!


26 April, 2012

24 April, 2012


Time: 01:49
I'm stitching and fixing some of my garments.

Time: 14.00-19.45
I first went to Bocconi to study and after that I went to the fabric store to buy some things. And I finally found the perfect white wool. Its not exactly the white colour I wanted, but its pretty close to it. So I decided to get it. €28/m and I got 3,5m, for a jacket and for pants. And I also bought fabrics for a dress and for another jacket.

Tomorrow: around 11 Go back to Bocconi and study!

For now: Ciao

22 April, 2012

The italian way of eating ice cream

Yum yum!


Picture from yesterday, before going out. 

So Im taking a break from the studies and I will instead take a walk in the sun and eat icecream. I need to go to the fabric store tomorrow and buy all the fabrics that I need to finish all the garments, because now they all are finished. Ciao

21 April, 2012


I'm making my final drawings for thesis. Hopefully I can finish at least 10 today!

Ciao ciao

18 April, 2012


So I had the meeting with my tutor eariler today. It went good. I just need to make some changes and Im good to go! :) More about it later or tomorrow. Ciao


Jacket nr 3 is now half done.
I have a meeting with my tutor today. So we'll see what she thinks!


17 April, 2012


The top part of this jacket is done. The white part is the trial dress that is supposed to be worn under this jacket.

I can't finish this jacket now because I need to colour the second fabric before I stitch. Right now its very dark blue. And it needs to be black.

Hopefully I will be able to fix it now.



Here's a picture of the second jacket in real fabric.
Its half done and I need to continue with jacket nr 3!

Ciao for now.

15 April, 2012

Waterfalls 2.0

Here's another print designed by me. I need the whole day tomorrow to finish the remaining things. And monday morning for printing. Wish me luck!

14 April, 2012


Prints designed by me for my materials technology project! And printed out n different silks. Pretty!

12 April, 2012


I've started now to manipulate fabrics. Let's see how it turns out.

So far I like this sample. It represents the waterfall and waves.
I'm using light blue chiffon under and a white one over, to create the right feeling and effect.


Because my lack of inspiration to complete my Materials Technology project(which is supposed to be handed in on monday) I decided to start stitching some of my garments for Thesis. I mean, better to do that than to waste my time doing nothing. Anyways, this is a cape. The sides will have zippers that will open and close. A belt in the waist(this one is not final). The fabric is a soft wool that I bought in Jofotex, Sweden. I wasn't sure about the colour, but I'm totally inlove with it now! What do you think?

10 April, 2012

Back in Milan

and back to my normal life. Meaning no life. I have 1 month to finish my thesis project and with that said I will be stuck at home, working.

09 April, 2012

In Stockholm

Spontaneous trip to Stockholm before I'm going back to Milano. Me and my family decided to go to Stockholm yesterday while dropping off my friend at the airport. And because my flight is from Stockholm Arlanda we thought it would be a good idea to go. Now I'm getting ready for dinner in town and then finish packing. I'm going back to Milano tomorrow morning and I should arrive around 12. Fun! Ciao for now

06 April, 2012

Cupcake whoopies

Baking, baking and more baking!
I haven't baked for a while, so now is the right moment to do it!


05 April, 2012

From sweden with love

Me in Oslo I'm lying in my bed in sweden and enjoying being sick. The weather is not like Milan, its much much colder and I wasn't prepared for it and now I'm sick. Yay!