09 February, 2012

Milano Unica

So I will now explain what happened yesterday.

Milano Unica is a textile fair that is held 3 days, 2(?) times a year here in Milano. And it shows all the upcoming trends and textiles.
The textile fair that is held now is for Spring/Summer 2013.

The fair is not public and you must have a company to enter. Except one of the days, where its open for students also, but some companies decides to close their monters.

Why I went yesterday is basically because the companies are much kinder to people who might buy fabrics than to students who just go there to see. Which is really stupid, they should be kind to us students, because WE are the future.

Anyways, I went there with two friends(because one of them got an invitation). But we weren't allowed to go in unless we have a pass. And we can only get a pass if we have a company.
That is why we Faked it till we made it. We just had to fill in some information about "our" company, register and then go in.
And we called our selfes freelancers. Hahaha so funny!

But it was so nice just for once be treated as everyone else!

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