29 February, 2012

Exam, sun and fabrics

What an amazing day out. The weather is so good. Almost too good. I'm wearing too much clothes.

Well. I'm on my way home from fabric shopping. I had to buy fabrics for my flash menswear project.

And I also had an exam earlier today. Visual language. Fun!!
We had to make a movie/ trailer and a test with 5 questions.

My final grade was 24/30

There's only one more exam to do. Which is flash project menswear. And I have until next saturday to finish.

Wish me luck!
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26 February, 2012


Picture from yesterdays craziness!

Night out at Le Banque. Not ment to go out, but a change of mind and a happy mood made it into an amazing night!


24 February, 2012


So the meeting is finished and it went pretty well.
She liked my things and she offered me her help to print at her company. Because she liked the idea of having more abstract prints.
She thought the concept is good. But she was having some problem with how its explained.

Because my concept is about feelings and something abstract, its hard to explain it with words.
So she and my coordinator thought it would be good for me to make a video for my presentation, because a photoshoot wouldn't be enough to express the feelings.

I love the idea. And I will try really hard to make an amazing video.



As I told you yesterday, I didn't do the materials technology exam. I am kind of disappointed in myself. But I just couldn't finish it at time.

Anyways. I'm having a thesis meeting with another teacher for materials technology. We will discuss the fabrics for my thesis and she will let me know if there are any companies that can sell me fabrics suited for my project.

I'll let you know later!

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23 February, 2012

Milan Fashion Week

I'm watching the Prada Fall Winter 2012 show live at Prada.com



Exam nr 8 is done!

I got 24/30 for professional skills part 1(mondays exam).
24/30 for product management
23/30 flash project womenswear

Todays exam went pretty well(professional skills part 2). Let's just hope it goes my way.

Now: prepare for exam nr 9, italian oral exam.

And update about tomorrows materials technology exam, I'm not doing it. Because I know I can do a good job for it, and I need time to do it. So I'm skipping it and I'll do it in april instead.

With that said, my last exam for this week will be this afternoon.
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21 February, 2012


5 done 5 more to go!

Italian written exam, done!
On thursday is the oral exam.

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4 done and 6 more to go.

Fashion and the movies exam, done!
Final grade 26/30.

Now: study for italian exam.

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20 February, 2012


3 done, 7 more to go.

I just finished my womens and menswear exam.
Womenswear : 27/30
Menswear. 25/30

It feels good to be done with that!

Now: finish the book for flash project womenswear and print it out!



1 exam done, 9 more to go.

2 more exams today. Womens and menswear tailoring.


17 February, 2012

More and more

Even though I finish with one thing, there are a million more things to do.
And it's taking me forever!

So, yet another friday in. And tomorrow too.


16 February, 2012

Midnight snack

Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate and red wine fudge. Topped with a chocolate dipped strawberry with coconut and walnuts.

14 February, 2012


Mmmm what is a day like this without sweets?


I'm working on my research for Materials Technology exam. And I'm going through some websites that my teacher recommended. This is one of them.

13 February, 2012


Watching it live. And it will probably hold me up all night.

Bouna notte

11 February, 2012

Wine and corsets

This is how I'm spending my saturday night. Homework and wine, a great combination!


I went for shopping yesterday. And I got home with some things.
This donut thingy is one of them.


10 February, 2012

Its all black

Here are some of the samples I collected at Milano Unica. Perfect for my thesis!

09 February, 2012


Operaen in Oslo

So I'm planning to go and visit my sister at Oslo during the easter break. I just cant book any tickets right now, I have to wait until I know how things will be during april.
I really need vacation and some time off from school.

Cant wait!

Milano Unica

So I will now explain what happened yesterday.

Milano Unica is a textile fair that is held 3 days, 2(?) times a year here in Milano. And it shows all the upcoming trends and textiles.
The textile fair that is held now is for Spring/Summer 2013.

The fair is not public and you must have a company to enter. Except one of the days, where its open for students also, but some companies decides to close their monters.

Why I went yesterday is basically because the companies are much kinder to people who might buy fabrics than to students who just go there to see. Which is really stupid, they should be kind to us students, because WE are the future.

Anyways, I went there with two friends(because one of them got an invitation). But we weren't allowed to go in unless we have a pass. And we can only get a pass if we have a company.
That is why we Faked it till we made it. We just had to fill in some information about "our" company, register and then go in.
And we called our selfes freelancers. Hahaha so funny!

But it was so nice just for once be treated as everyone else!

08 February, 2012

Milano unica

Its a fabric exhibition. And its great!

More later!
Ciao ciao

Fake it till you make it!

I'm at Milano unica! Yay

At last

I've worked on visual language the whole day. And it was, in my opinion, a waste of time. I've could have used this time to work on something more important. But no(!) I had to do the homework for tomorrow.

You probably wonder how a homework can take so long. And I do have the answer for you.
So, the homework is to create a trailer for any movie. Just pick the movie and put some clips together(from the movie) in for example Windows Movie Maker.
And I chose Cadillac Records. It wasn't a trailer that I made, but more like a music video for At last by Etta James(Beyonce in this video). And if you ask me, every single thing has to be perfect in this video. I do NOT know how to be quick, I do NOT know how to do something sloppy. And if I'm doing something, I make sure it looks perfect.
...It took me about 7 hours to complete the video! And I will quote what my teacher said last week "It will only take 2 hours".

Well, not if you ask me!

Hopefully I will be able to show you the video one day.

Bouna notte

07 February, 2012

Skinny jeans and the movies

14 technical drawings done for Product Management.

But I still need to finish the essay for tomorrow's Fashion and the movies.
My topic: Skinny Jeans.
3000 bits, one topic, 3 movies.

The Runaways, Top Gun, Footloose

Almost done. And then sleep!

Tomorrow: Italian.

06 February, 2012

05 February, 2012

Marni for H&M

Marni for H&M, in stores March 8

Doesn't it look promising?

Like like like!

04 February, 2012

Day off

Not really a day off, because the day started with Flash Project Menswear class. But I haven't studied anything today. I've been very tired and not motivated at all.
So today is a day off from studying.
And anyways, me and my friends are going for dinner to celebrate a birthday girl!

Just to mention, the meeting with the coordinator went good. He told me there's no reason to block me, and he told me I had good things. So basically I should just keep on going with my work and start stitching.

Now: get ready for dinner!


02 February, 2012


Tomorrow is the day we'll meet the coordinator about our Thesis. He will check everyones work and if he think it isn't enough, he will block the student.
I'm not nervous at all. And I shouldn't be.

I had a meeting with my tutor earlier today and we agreed on some garments that I will stitch for the finals. I'm very happy with the decitions and I can't wait to start. She also said that I'm doing very well and that I have a good taste in fabrics(!).
What can I say?... I collect pretty good fabrics!