31 January, 2012

Rumija Aktas

Working on Product Management. I love Illustrator, but sometimes(now!) it takes way to long to finish a technical drawing.


Does it give much?

Photoshoped picture of my collection for Flash Project Womanswear.

Right now, I just want to be done with it and move on to thesis. I just want to be one month ahead from now.


Reality check

I can't sleep.
I just realized how much I have to do and how little time I have left. Our exam period starts in exactly 3 weeks and I have less than 50% work done.
I think I got my answer now. I'm not supposed to sleep for 3 weeks.
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30 January, 2012


39 garments done!
Yesterday when I was sketching I didn't really feel happy with my collection. It didn't feel right nor did it feel like 'me'.
But now when I look it through, I'm actually pretty satisfied with all of the garments.
Of course, there will always be some garments that I'm not really sure about, some that don't feel rivht, but I think it will end up pretty good.
I think it will turn out to be an awesome collection!


29 January, 2012

Mixed up

Picture from Dior

Yesterday I made about 35 frotn/back sketches for Thesis, and I think that's it for this week. I need to focus on Product Management and Flash project menswear.
We have so much to do, and it scares me!
So the plan for today is to work on Product management and finish the homework for thursday.


Todays inspiration

Picture from Advanced Style

I love this blog! So inspiring to see older women being fashionable and unique.


28 January, 2012


Picture from last friday.

So, it's saturday, weekend. I'm supposed to be out shopping, preparing for dinner/party, having an amazing time. Enjoying my last months in Milano.
But, NO!
I'm at home studying. Having the time of my life in my room.

27 January, 2012


Yet another friday night at home!
Tonight I'm working on thesis. My next meeting with my tutor is on thursday. So I still have days left, but that's not the only project that I need to work on.
I have to stitch shirt and pants in normal cotton, plus illustrate 5 outfits for next saturdays flash menwear.
And for thursday I need to do homework for product management.


26 January, 2012

Fabric shopping

By far the best fabric store for wool. They have so much and I love it!

Fabric shopping for thesis, love!

25 January, 2012

A dream

Necklace from Erickson Beamon

The necklace is like a dream.
But the price is a nightmare!

What a beauty!

Coat 2.0

Coat finished in regular cotton.

Time: 2h 38min

Good job Rumija!


Pattern making for flash project menswear coat.
Time: 2h 18 min.


24 January, 2012


Working on Flash project womenswear/Product Management.

Very shocking news. Our class for Flash project menswear got cancelled. It was supposed to be on saturday, now it's on friday.
One day less to stitch a jacket.

Now is the right time to kill me.


23 January, 2012


Bag from Aldo

Yesterday I had an "inspiration" day. Me and my friend went around Corso Buenos Aires, and I ended up buying a lot(!) of things.

Bag from Aldo's mens department, perfect for school(picture), Metal cuff, ring, metal thing for the hair(pictures later) from Aldo, Knitted top/tunic from H&M, Stockings.



Fabrics from my last visit, Jofotex Tyger.

As I've told you before, Jofotex is one of the best fabric stores in sweden. They have so many good fabrics and they have lots of jersey fabric(like a lot!) and faux furs(amazing ones).
I really love that place! And the service is great!

Ps. They have an online store with delivery all over the world.

22 January, 2012


Still uninspired but I have to finish this!
I'm going to take a break later and go for some shopping. Maybe I will get inspired(HA!)


21 January, 2012

Coconut cookies with chocolate.

Well, what is a saturday without baking?
Exactly. Its nothing!

Going short?

So... I was photoshoping a bit and I had to try a thing.
I want to do something with my hair, like something crazy, crazy comparing to my boring long dark brown hair.
And this is what I ended up with.

Thumbs up or down?

Nothing new

Alright, so here it it. I told you yesterday that I was going to have class this morning.
Well... yesterday we ended up clubbing and I ended up not waking up this morninig.
So, now to the good news.
Todays class got cancelled! The teacher didn't show up becasue 'he didn't know we had class today'.
God, I'm so happy I didn't go!


20 January, 2012

Immaginando tutto

Working on Flashproject menswear. I really have no inspiration at all, but I have to work because next class is tomorrow. And I need to finish soon, because tonight is my friends birthday and we're celebrating him.


19 January, 2012

Today's detail

Todays detail, bracelet from sweden.

I just got home from school and fabric shopping.
And now I really have to start sketching for flash project menswear class.
No breaks from studies for me! Love it!

18 January, 2012

Sleeping is overrated

I'm doing my homework for tomorrows product management. I don't need sleep, sleep is for losers.

I had my thesis meeting earlier today. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow!

Before I go to sleep


15 January, 2012

by Me

Colorcard made by me, but inspired by Alighiero Boetti's work.

It is my final colorcard for Flash Project Menswear. And I'm also done with my moodboard. The only thing left to do is the fabricboard.
And after that, sleep! I have class at 8.45 and I need some sleep for that!


Todays inspiration

Picture from Thiskidd

14 January, 2012

More and more

The sketching isn't over yet. Much more left and it seems like I'm not leaving my place tonight either. Such a shame. So many models to enjoy!

Well, that's life.


13 January, 2012

Tied up

Its friday evening(almost midnight) and I'm at home working. A lot of thesis work but also menswear flash project. Fun!


That kidd

Something new I follow. And I'm totally addicted to it! Thiskidd is the one. I love the pictures she posts and I've been looking through over 150 pages in only 2 days. I love her!
I dont know were she finds all her pictures, but God, she's good!


12 January, 2012

It's time

Milan Fashion Week = A much more beautiful Milan!

Saturday is the day everything starts. And I can see male models everywhere! Such a pleasant sight.

Not that I have much time to enjoy it(because of all homeworks). But hopefully one day I will manage to go outside and see some more guys. Yay!


11 January, 2012

Born to Die

Lana Del Rey Born to die

Such an amazing song!
I'm loving it. Not to mention her beauty!


Senza Titolo (Untitled)

by Alighiero Boetti

My inspiration for Flash Project Menswear.


10 January, 2012

Arte Povera

by Alighiero Boetti

Not late at all, IED added a class for Flash Project Menswear tomorrow. We need to have the concept, moodboard and colorcard for tomorrow. And everyone have been busy doing homework for thursdays Product Management. So basically we dont have anything Flash Project.
I need to do everything now. And I'm dying here!
We were supposed to have this class on saturday, but they changed it last minute. And now, I'm f*cked!... Well, we all are.

The inspiration has to come from Alighiero Boetti's Arte Povera

I have no crue of what I'm doing right now. I'm so lost and tired!

Well well. It's a Make it work moment, right?



I'm home and I'm tired.
I need to wake up early for tomorrows class; Fashion and the movies. Not inspiring at all! And after that; Italian. Yay(not really)

God, save me!

08 January, 2012

24 hours

My last day in sweden, and I'm leaving in 24 hours.
I need to pack, clean and do homeworks. I have sooooo much to do for thursdays Product management. And I just want to kill myself!

I have to make it work(and not sleep)



05 January, 2012

Product management

A lot to do, and it takes ages to finish!

I'm doing my homework for Product Management and I never thought it would take this long to finish one(!) technical drawing.
But because we need to use our own clothes and the real measurements, it's taking forever!
One garment takes me about 6 hours to finish!

Oh, may God be with me!

03 January, 2012

New year, new hopes

Tomorrow I'm going for fabric shopping in Söderköping. Same store that I went to in october.
I need to by fabrics for my garments for Thesis, Flash project womenswear, Product management and tailoring!

Love it