08 November, 2011


I love shopping when it's for a good reason. And I love to buy books that will help my studying.
This book had the same consept as "Fashionary".
It's a notebook with bodies, ready to draw at. Its to make sketches without having to trace bodies all the time.
This one has 2 womenswear bodies and one menswear body(as in the third picture). And 2 empty pages after.
In the end of the book there is pages about common information about fashion. Everything from measurements to washing instructions.

The price: €16

Good price for a good book!

The "Fashionary" costs €25 here, which is much more expansive than in America, so I didnt feel like it was worth it, and plus, there isn't both womens- and menswear bodies in the book!

Ok, that's it for today!

Ps. Tomorrows classes are cancelled! Yay! I will have time for fabric research!

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