29 November, 2011

I'm tired

Do you know what I'm tired of? Changing my ideas.
5 classes have now passed and I'm still working on my sketches.
Its the 4th class I'm getting a new concept. That means 4 different concepts. My teacher is changing his mind all the time.
So 5 classes are done. And I only have 2 more. So for next week I need to make 10 sketches and technical drawings for them. Plus layout! And the funny part is that my birthday is on friday, and my sister is visiting me until monday, and monday is the day I have to present all this shit!
Kill me now!
I just want to finish this so I can start thinking of other things.

In fashion school there are some things that doesn't always work.
1. Teachers that doesn't speak english (translator needed)
2. Teachers memory. (Not good at all)

That's it!

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