30 November, 2011


I'm cutting out the pieces for my menswear blazer.
The fabric is a thin navy blue gabardine.


29 November, 2011

Marni for H&M

Two weeks ago Versace for H&M released their collection. I didn't buy anything because I there wasn't that much that I liked. And I'm not a fan of prints. But I did like the leather stuff.

Anyways, in march H&M will release a spring/summer collection with Marni. It's also a lot of prints, but not in as strong colors as Versaces collection.

I can't wait to see more!

I'm tired

Do you know what I'm tired of? Changing my ideas.
5 classes have now passed and I'm still working on my sketches.
Its the 4th class I'm getting a new concept. That means 4 different concepts. My teacher is changing his mind all the time.
So 5 classes are done. And I only have 2 more. So for next week I need to make 10 sketches and technical drawings for them. Plus layout! And the funny part is that my birthday is on friday, and my sister is visiting me until monday, and monday is the day I have to present all this shit!
Kill me now!
I just want to finish this so I can start thinking of other things.

In fashion school there are some things that doesn't always work.
1. Teachers that doesn't speak english (translator needed)
2. Teachers memory. (Not good at all)

That's it!

27 November, 2011

Show them, Love them

50's lingerie is probably the the sexiest underwear!



Working on my new sketched for tomorrows class. 4 done and 4 more to be done! Plus flats for all of the outfits. Who needs sleep? I don't!


24 November, 2011

22 November, 2011


I just got my tutor for thesis. And the winner is Francesca Liberatore. The teacher I had for Personal Design last year.
They told us to write down teachers that we wished to work with and I wrote down her and last years Technical Drawing teacher.

I'm glad with the tutor. and I can't wait until I get started for real. But in a way, I'm a bit scared too.


19 November, 2011

Todays wish

Picture; Elin Kling

This is one of my wishes for my birthday; A pair of Nowhere shoes.
I love the metal detail and the style of the shoes!

What do you think?

16 November, 2011

No brain

Picture from the movie Far from heaven

My brain isn't working. And the combination with that and confusing projects is not the best thing!
I'm tired, a bit uninspired and bored.
I want to get started with thesis and my finals, but other things are coming in the way. And I must say that school makes it worse. I'm just very tired of IED and their bullshit.
Why can't they for once act like a normal school?!

I'm going to sleep now, wake up tomorrow and forget about everything and be happy.
Sleep usually helps!

Bouna notte

13 November, 2011

2 becomes 1

So basically what I'm doing for Flash project womenswear is a collection based on the 50's housewife and Madonna during the 80's. I will combine these two stereotypes and make a collection out of it, which will represent both of them.

My idea is still a bit blury, so I need to figure it out for tomorrows class.

For now, Ciao!

09 November, 2011

Versace for H&M

Love love love!

Not much left until the release of Versace for H&M is. I can't wait until the black's are in my hands!

08 November, 2011


I love shopping when it's for a good reason. And I love to buy books that will help my studying.
This book had the same consept as "Fashionary".
It's a notebook with bodies, ready to draw at. Its to make sketches without having to trace bodies all the time.
This one has 2 womenswear bodies and one menswear body(as in the third picture). And 2 empty pages after.
In the end of the book there is pages about common information about fashion. Everything from measurements to washing instructions.

The price: €16

Good price for a good book!

The "Fashionary" costs €25 here, which is much more expansive than in America, so I didnt feel like it was worth it, and plus, there isn't both womens- and menswear bodies in the book!

Ok, that's it for today!

Ps. Tomorrows classes are cancelled! Yay! I will have time for fabric research!

06 November, 2011


A picture taken by Cindy Sherman

Inspiration for Flashproject Womenswear


04 November, 2011


Victoria Falls

Final moodboard for my Materials Technology project.

I will:
Use recycled fabrics
Upcycle clothes
Use ecological materials
Make multifunctional clothes

Fabrics I want to use are:
Different weights of ecological cotton
Light jersey


02 November, 2011


I don't read much, but I should. So I bought 2 books yesterday. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. I thought it would be a good idea to buy a book that I know will interest me. And that is because I love the movies of these two books.
I've started reading Pride and Prejudice now and I hope to finish it soon so I can start reading Jane Eyre