25 October, 2011


"The inspiration for this project is a person from a darker past. Someone who have struggled with the worst, someone who was feeling trapped by the darkness in life. But in the end she found her way out.
The collection will be about her past and her future. About her working her way out from all the darkness and negative feelings. Her being stronger than before.
Basically her lifeline from the worst to the best.
The clothing in this collection is supposed to transmit the feeling of her being trapped and limited, but in real life the clothes will be comfortable and unbound. For example; Meaning that I will make the person look like she cant move, but she actually can. It all will be an illusion created by the way I design the clothes.
The person I’m trying to approach is a multicultural woman around 20-30 years old. A strong and confident woman with attitude who dares to show different and unique style.
This collection will be dark, emotional and expressive.

This is it!

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