30 October, 2011


For my costume, for tomorrow.
One thing missing. One day to fix it!


I deserve them, so I got them

Shoes, Zara €49

These lovely(Louboutin inspired) shoes are now mine!



Fabric samples that I bought in Jofotex in Söderköping last wednesday

Love that store!

25 October, 2011


"The inspiration for this project is a person from a darker past. Someone who have struggled with the worst, someone who was feeling trapped by the darkness in life. But in the end she found her way out.
The collection will be about her past and her future. About her working her way out from all the darkness and negative feelings. Her being stronger than before.
Basically her lifeline from the worst to the best.
The clothing in this collection is supposed to transmit the feeling of her being trapped and limited, but in real life the clothes will be comfortable and unbound. For example; Meaning that I will make the person look like she cant move, but she actually can. It all will be an illusion created by the way I design the clothes.
The person I’m trying to approach is a multicultural woman around 20-30 years old. A strong and confident woman with attitude who dares to show different and unique style.
This collection will be dark, emotional and expressive.

This is it!

24 October, 2011


Tomorrow I'm going back to sweden for a few days. And while I'm there I have to go for fabric-shopping! So I'm taking a trip to Söderköping and their amazing store Jofotex! It's huge and they have everything you can imagine. And then of course some fabric-shopping in my hometown.


Two times one

Alighiero Boetti

Cindy Sherman

Flashproject(womenswear); A collection inspired by one of these two artists.
30 garments, 10 outfits, 3 knit, and one outfit made.
7 classes in total, 6 classes left.

Inspiration please!

23 October, 2011


This is how it all started...

Work, work work, stitch, stitch, stitch!

Done, done, done!

One thing is missing. The mega huge collar!
That will have to wait until next week.

Now: Write about my thesis!

21 October, 2011


Todays shopping; fasbrics for my Halloween Costume.
As usual I will stitch my outfit for this occation, and this year I will dress up as Queen of Hearts, the red queen from Alice in Wonderland.
Not as big as in the movie, but more fashionable!

I will show you pictures as soon as I've started with the stitching part.


Rick Genest

A.k.a Rico the Zombie

Isn't he just amazing?! And he seems soooo kind!

So inlove with him, with and without his tattoos!


20 October, 2011

Natural Wonder

Natural Wonder: Niagara Falls, Colca Canyon

Next project for Materials Technology: Natural Wonders, eco-friendly collection.
I so far have two(pictures above) different ideas and I need to chose one of them.


18 October, 2011

You will teach me, and I will learn

Natalie Portman in the movie Leon, The professional

Working on the research for thesis. And I needed some inspiration for it.

This is the results.


17 October, 2011

What she saw and what you will see

My friend, Renfang, for sure the best student this year in IED. Came one year ago to my class and she ruled it!
She's an amazing designer and such a talent.
I don't even think she slept anything last year. She was studying all the time. And maybe I should learn from her, and be motivated as her.
Well, she's great!

I thought that I would mention her in my blog and maybe you all can check out her blogs.
She has two; one with her works and the other one is pictures from her traveling.

Travel blog
Work and design blog

Promise that You will check her out, at least once? And you can decide wether you will continue following her blog or not :)


The power of images

Picture above, Katie Halchishinck in O, The Oprah Magazine

All the lines shows what needs to get changed for that woman to achieve a Barbie's appeal of the womans body.

Love it, but hate it at the same time!

14 October, 2011


As you probably know, I love photoshop. And I love editing.
This is the results from what I did. Not much, but it's something different.
The first one is the original and the other two are photoshoped

Now: House party!



Shoes from Nelly.com

Crazy beautiful shoes! To buy or not to buy, that is the question!


13 October, 2011

I'm ready

School has started for real now. And class starts at 8.45 almost every day.
I don't even wanna imagine waking up that early all the time.

Hoping for the best!

10 October, 2011

Match a Paris

Pictures from yesterday

And music from yesterday!



If I'm not wrong, this is another collection by Elin Kling. And I must say that I more than love it! And the prices are super good!
Check it out at Nelly!

Well done!

09 October, 2011

I will dance by myself

A bit spontaneous... But I'm going out. To Plastic.
Sundays means 'Gayclub', which means that I will dance by myself.
Love it!
Another thing is that it's 3 blocks aways from me. And sundays are free!
Isn't it perfect?!

Love love love!

Pictures (hopefully)tomorrow!

08 October, 2011

All by...

Proenza Schouler

Want them!

Playboy Night Out

It doesn't count as Playboy, if they aren't real Playboys!
Just a fine night. The 'Playboys' weren't real Playboys, just random italians(ugly) with big boobs and dubble bra's... So no, it doesn't count!


Me and Lederhosen

1 liter- €8

Yesterday night.
1 liter.


06 October, 2011

Playboy Night Out

...at Just Cavalli. (To celebrate the school start)
And guess what! Class was supposed to start at 8.45, and at 9.10 the secretary comes in and lets us know that todays class is cancelled! REALLY?!

Only in IED!

05 October, 2011

Head over heels

Yves Saint Laurent, Camilla Skovgaard, Jimmy Choo, Camilla Skovgaard

Love love love them!...Actually, I more than love them!


Lesson Zero

As soon as I get the plan of this year I will show how it looks.

I went to school today, Lesson Zero, our coordinator talked about the thesis and about this years courses.

Tomorrow at 8.45-11.30, school starts for real!


03 October, 2011


Lazy days in the park after finishing second year

Tomorrow at 16, school starts with an introduction.
Next week, school starts for real.

It's a 'Pass'

So, I went to school today to get my final grade for Contemporary Fashion. And I got 22/30.
You know what? I just wanted to pass. And I actually didn't think I would. The exam was so difficult, worse than the first one!

Well, I'm glad that It's over now. And I can focus on the third, and last, year!


02 October, 2011


It's october, and a pink month. That is why my blog will be pink.
Give what you can. No matter how much, it will help and it will make a difference!


Living my life

Como, Italy

I'm enjoying my last days of freedom before school starts.

Can't wait until school starts, but at the same time, I don't want to start becasue school will kill me this year!

01 October, 2011


I have no idea of how it went. And you know what? It was harder than the first exam.
But hopefully I will pass!