29 September, 2011


My recovery exam for Contemporary fashion is tomorrow. And I'm studying almost 2000 PDF slides and about 300 brands.


I'm not made for this kind of studying.

May God be with me tomorrow at the exam.

28 September, 2011


Blazer from GinaTricot, Shirt and necklace from H&M

I can be angry

And I can be happy

My friend is leaving Milano for a job in London. So we're going to celebrate her getting out of this city... In Armani Privé.



I believe in love at first sight. And this really is love!

Yes or no? Should I or shouldn't I order these lovely shoes from Nelly.com?


26 September, 2011

It is similar

Gianfranco Ferré Spring Summer 2012

I must say that this collection reminds me of Haider Ackermann and his last collection.
And I hate to say that this is a way of how I want my collection for thesis will end up. It's not that I can't use the ideas that I had before because some of them reminds me of this. But I don't want people to think that I'm not creative enough to "come up" with my "own" ideas.
In the end you can connect all designs to eachother.
Do you get what I'm trying to say? It's complicated, I know and I don't like it at all.



Hank Moody from Californication

Is it normal to finish 1 season of Californication in less than 1 day?
I started yesterday night and I finished it today after coming back from school.

I love it! And I guess I will continue watching all the 4 seasons this week.

Only in IED

I've got an email from school more than one month ago about a recovery class before the exam. And it was supposed to be this morning at 9. Well, when I get to school I notice that the students that are in the classroom are for another recovery class.

So the scool sent me an email about a class that wasn't supposed to be.

Imagine you only slept 4 hours, have to wake up and go to school. And later find out that you never had to wake up.

Oh, yes. Only in IED!

25 September, 2011

Like I love you

Versace Spring Summer 2012

I've lately started to like Versace. But I must say, there are still a lot in each collection that I do not like at all. But it's growing on me... Surprisingly

I can't hate it forever, right?

Bouna notte

23 September, 2011

Jag vill känna att jag lever...

This song is the most motivating song in my life.
I know that music express different feelings. But this song express my life and how I always feel.
It makes me feel good when I'm down. And makes me fight for what I want, when I most need it.

For sure, this song is my favorite song.

Enjoy and love what's there to love

Women, cars

And a little bit of fire...

Prada Spring Summer 2012

Not really my type of fashion, but still very interesting!


Versace for H&M

Versace for H&M video

Have you seen this?
Don't we just love this?!

Less than 2 month left!


22 September, 2011

21 September, 2011

And it's on!

Gucci SS 2012

Milano fashionweek in finally on!

And don't we ju LOVE this collection or what?!

I just cant wait to see more designers work! And I can't wait to start designing my next collection!

19 September, 2011


1. Nelly Trend, €15 / 2. Assad Mounser, €445 / 3. Style By Tyra, €35 / 4. Yves Saint Laurent, €880

For some reason I'm fallen for necklaces this year. I usually don't wear that much, but now I have to!
These are necklaces in different price ranges. I would love to have all of them, but two of them are way to expensive!
But I can dream, can't I?


16 September, 2011

Nr 28

Sorry for a messy room. But I'm still, kind of, moving in!

What do you think?!

15 September, 2011


I am so happy with my new apartment! So so happy! I will show you pictures of it tomorrow.

I also have to go to school tomorrow to sign some papers.

And I need to sleep well tonight. Becasue yesterday I didn't. There was a mosquito in my room, and it bit me at thousands of places. My body was itching so much that I couldn't sleep. Not to mention the heat! And plus, the owner of the apartment came at 8 in the morning to show us how everything works. So to clear that out; I didn't sleep at all yesterday!

Hoping for better sleep tonight!

Bouna notte

13 September, 2011

@ Copenhagen airport

It took me ages to find a plug to charge my computer! But I found it, and it's charging now.
During my stop I met a man, about 40 years old, married and super kind! We started to talk while eating some italian food. It was really nice. We were talking about everything. He told me about his wife, who's also been studying a lot of fashion courses, but in sweden. So we were talking about fashion, shoes and everything that I love.
We talked until he had to board for his flight to Münich.

And now I'm alone for a while until it's my time to board.


Done packing

I'm going to the airport in about 1 hour. With one stop in Copenhagen I will arrive in Linate at 23.
Cant wait to see my new apartment! yaaay!


12 September, 2011


One chocolate cake and one vanilla/rhubarb cake, all of this to celebrate me leaving sweden tomorrow!


11 September, 2011

Packing, baking, cooking

I don't even know where to start when it comes to packing. Therer're so much clothes(4bags) and I can only take 1 bag with me. I have new shoes, new clothes and fabrics too.

2 more days and I'm leaving Sweden again.

10 September, 2011


45 min until I'm leaving for a wedding in Stockholm. So I'm getting ready right now.
Pictures tomorrow!

Have a nice day

Ps. That's not what I'm wearing :)

09 September, 2011


New open back shirt from H&M. And I love the way it looks with the buttons closed all the way up.
Hair up or down with red-ish lipstick(Dior, Diorific 001 Violet Tattoo)
Earcuff from Glitter.


08 September, 2011

Pretty nude

Kate Moss from Vogue September issue.

How pretty isn't nudity?!
I personally think it's the most pretty thing of mankind.


Hamp the Champ

I continue on working with the prints.
Not done yet!

06 September, 2011


Another thing I bought at the Nelly.com clearence is this blue dress. As you probably know by now, I do not wear a lot of bright colors. But this dress is really something I've been looking for. And they didn't have any other colour, but I had to buy it anyways.
The problem is that it's a bit too much for me to wear a whole outfit in that bright colour. And because I'm much shorter than the model above, it becomes even worse!
So my idea is to just put on some black knitwear that will cover the top part. And Maybe I will even make it into a skirt.
I'll see!



I just love this top. I bought it during the easter break in Sweden without trying it. And when I got back from the holiday I tried it on, and it wasn't nice at all! But I had it, and I had to make it work somehow.
What I did in the end was just to wear it the other way, the back in the front. So it became was a top with a low back, with buttons at the center back and high neck in the front. And when I got back to sweden I bought two more because I loved them so much.
The top is from Bik Bok and I think they still have them. They get them in different colors all the time. And the price? About €12!

The other detail is the belt that I bought in Oslo. From Lindex. And they usually don't have that many good things there. Most of it is for "grown ups", but you can find that little something that is perfect if you really look.
The belt was on sale, obviously because not many young people buy clothes there.
The price was only €3! Can you believe that?

What do you think?

I love it!

05 September, 2011


I've always loved Fashiontoast's hair. And I'm actually thinking of colouring my hair like that. I'm so tired of my boring "perfect" hair and I want something different.
I mean, how bad can it get? Not too bad, right?

There's a decision to make.

Yes? No? Yes? No?

Somebody to love

Today is Freddy Mercury's 65th birthday. We all love him and his music!
He's such an amazing singer.

Love love love!

04 September, 2011

Yet another cake

This one is a cake with homemade rhubarb- and vanillasauce and whipped cream.
Mmmmm yummie!

Maybe I should stop with all the fashion and start my own bakery. (joke)


02 September, 2011

No title

I sometimes don't have any words for what I make. Well, it's sometimes now.

This is a new thing I tried to make. I was supposed to make macarons, but I changed my mind. So it became a mix of a macaron/brownie cake with chocolate fudge.

What can I say? Niente.
But I love chocolate, and this is as chocolaty as it can get!


01 September, 2011


The month is here. The month with the shows and next years fashion.
I must say that I'm so curious of how it will look. The best part is that I will, for the first time, be in Milano while the september fashion week will start. And I hope, hope, hope so much that Alan (the versace guy) will contact me if he comes for fashionweek.