31 August, 2011

We all love them, don't we?

This is something I've done. You probably know that I love working with Photoshop, so my idea was to practice on doing prints. And I ended up doing some designs of Hoffmaestro & Chraa.

I have a lot to do before they are finished. But this is a good beginning.
I dont really know what to do with them when I'm done. Maybe I will send the final prints to the band, or maybe I wont! Non lo so(I dont know)
I just have to wait and see how they turn out!
(By the way, in a band of 11 it's hard to find all of them. One guy is missing, but I couldn't find any pictures of him)

What do You think?


26 August, 2011

Have to

This designer showed her Fall/winter 2011/12 collection at the fair yesterday. I really like her attitude to her brand and her designs. And another thing I admire about her is that she's only 20 years old, I mean, 1 year younger than me. That's pretty cool!

Check it out! Bellaobastian

Don't you like the idea and her designs?? Well, I love them!


Im currently in Borås, the fashion town in sweden. My friend lives here and we're just hanging out for a few days and enjoying the last days of this summer.
Yesterday we went for a fashion fair. Many young designers showed there collections there.
More pictures later!

What I wanted to say was that I went to a clearence for Nelly.com and I bought a few things.
One thing I bought was the belt in the picture above. Which is perfect as inspiration for my thesis collection next year. And maybe I will use something like that for my collection too.
The price for the belt? : 25sek (€2,50)


23 August, 2011


Seriously, I dont have words for this masterpeice. Haley Reinhart is a masterpiece. Congrats to her parents!

Love Love Love and Love another thousand times!

22 August, 2011


A few month later and Im at the same consert but in Oslo. God! I love them so much.
It's not that their music is amazing(which it is btw) but the energy we get of standing at the frontrow. Or anywhere we're standing...

The only think I can say is that I will never get bored of going to their conserts. And I cant wait to go to the next one!

Ps. Petter is a tönt.


18 August, 2011


I went for some shopping today. For some shoes... :)
Two pairs of boots for the fall came home with me., and more will come tomorow!

I love Olso! Such a great town. Really a "must see" for everyone who haven't been there!


16 August, 2011


Two pairs of shoes that I would love to wear. But I like the green/brown-ish ones more(surprise).

These darling are som Nelly.com and cost about €45.

Love love love!

One day left

Today is the last day of work.
Im going to oslo for one week to visit my sister and go to the Hoffmaesto consert. Ive been looking forward to this week for such a long time and its finally here!
After one week in oslo I will visit my friend in Borås where I will spend a few more days before I go back to my hometown. In total I will be away for 11 days, my kind of only "vacation" this summer.


15 August, 2011

Camilla Skovgaard

Dont you just love her amazing shoes?!
Well Im totally inlove. Not only becasue they are skyhigh, but becasue her shoes are so amazingly crazy beautiful! Dont you think?

11 August, 2011


Hmmm... what should I say?

For next years project I will probably make a collection in only black.
To be sure that the collection doesn't get boring I really need to be creative and do something really really innovative.

Maybe I will change my mind until I start the project, if not... I will hope my collection will be amazing!


10 August, 2011


Vogue Suggestions Italia

One thing I miss about italy is the magazine; Vogue Italia
Not always, but most of the time they have interesting and really inspiring photoshootings.
Even though this photoshooting is in black and white, I really love it. And not becasue I love black and gray tones.
Maybe it's becasue I'm so tired of all the colours from last season and it feels good to see something darker.

Readers, get inspired and inspire others with black clothing.
I know I will!


08 August, 2011

Emma Watson

A gorgeous Emma; great inspiration, amazing beauty and lovely clothes

This months cover at the American Vogue. Isn't she stunning?!


06 August, 2011

I heart...

Fall 2011

Outfit 1
Parka: Altuzarra, Blouse: Asos, Shorts: Asos, Shoes: Dr Martens

Outfit 2
Blazer: Yves Saint Laurent, Skirt: Asos, Socks/shoes: Asos, Fur scarf: Unknown

Yes, I want!

Fabulous fur

I need fall now! I want to wear amazinf furs all the time!


04 August, 2011


I just got home from a local market near my city. Every summer they put up this market for 2 days and we always go there.
They do not only have foods, candies and other funny stuff. You can also find nice bags and clothes.

Nearby the market there is an amusement park with carousels and games where you can win chocolates and teddybears and so on.

Well, I won 2000g chocolate! I played one time only and I won! I never win that fast, it's crazy! And I bought a satchel bag in real leather for only 150kr. So cheap!
I guess today was my lucky day!

I'm so happy hahahaha


03 August, 2011


Yves Saint Laurent, Aurélie Bidermann, Erickson Beamon, Kenneth Jay Lane

Amazing necklaces with inspiring shapes


02 August, 2011

The beautiful fall

I've never heard about these brands before. But these two collections are perfect for this fall/winter!

Love love love


01 August, 2011


I looked through my pictures and I saw the Versace Fair pictures.
It was so fun to work there and with them. And I just hope that they will contact me again for the next fair! Or with whatever they need me for...