29 July, 2011

Magical shoes

Miu Miu, Pierre Hardy, Theyskens Theory, Yves Saint Laurent, Michael Kors

Update from work!
Some shoes that I would love to wear!

From the one and only Net a porter


28 July, 2011


Dates for the recovery exams are set. I have the recovery class for Contemporary fashion 26 sept and the exam 30 sept.

But I'm still going back to Milano at about 12 sept.

I cant wait to go back to Milano. But at the same time I am not excited to go back and kill myself for the thesis! Or...maybe I am...

I will start a bit of my research part now and see where it takes me!


26 July, 2011

Quick update

I guess the thing about me not spending money ended here.
Me and my friends are going to Söderköping(another city) to eat icecream!
Yep, icecream...

Crazy days

Im sorry for really really bad updating in my blog.
The reason? Well... I've been working everyday until 19 and after that I've been having dinners out and the nights have been ending with clubbing.

You can say that the only time I've been at home is to sleep, and that's it.
The good thing is that I wont work anymore. Yesterday was my last day.
I was just supposed to work for 8 days. And now I'm done.

No more late nights out and no more spending money!


23 July, 2011

Back To Black

I thought that it would be a good idea to bring out one of my favorite songs. Back to black with Amy Winehouse.
As many of you probably know, she passed away earlier today.

May she rest in peace!


21 July, 2011


Well here are my grades for this year. I know I said that I was going to show all the wrong grades school sent to me. But I will do that another day.

They still have not sent me the right grades. So I will send them another email tomorrow.
Really, I'm getting tired of this bullshit!

To be honest, I think my grades are good. Much better than last year and if it wasn't for the cineforum grade, my average would be higher. I just have to wait and see how the Contemporary exam turns out.

Bouna notte

18 July, 2011


Ive been working for a few days, and thats the reason for why I have not worked. In fact, Im working now.
The job is nothing special, and its just for one more week. But I need all money I could get at this moment. Im trying to save up for the Thesis. :)

I wanted to show you my grades. But the school have been sending me wrong grades and not only one time. About 4 times. I will show you them later.
Fine, it can happen, but seriously how many times are they going to send me wrong?!
That(!) is not ok!

And actually, my grades are not that bad. Much better than last year. Its just the cineforum (18/30) that lowers my average.

Well, well...

I have to continue working now.

More about it later!


16 July, 2011

Turn To Stone

I don't have much to say about this. One thing that I can say is that I love contemporary daceing and I think that it is one of the most beautiful styles of dancing of all time. My favorite is of course ballet.
And obviously you have to do it well.

But this is absolutely amazing and breathetaking!

(You can skip the first part until 1,40)



15 July, 2011

A question

I got a question from a swedish reader about The show about us :

Tycker om din blogg. Men jag undrar bara varför inte du fick visa din kollektion om du fick 26 / 30 ? För du skrev att det bara var personer med 25+/30 som fick visa dem :)

English: I like your blog. But I'm wondering why you didn't show your collection if your final mark was 26/30? Becasue you said that students with a mark of 25+/30 were allowed to show their collections.

The reason why I didn't show the collection is becasue only the third year students are allowed to be in the show.
What the third year have done is a collection of 20(?) outfits and they have to stitch 5 of them, which is their final project(thesis). It's a project they work on for half a year before the show. And there are about 7 teachers "judging" and marking your collection. And if you get 25+/30 from them, you're allowed to be in the show.
It's a show for them to be seen before start working.
Everything we do during first and second year is just preparation and practice.


14 July, 2011

Personal design

A course with only 10 classes, not really enough and not really what I expected. The course could have been so much better if we had more lessons and more practice.
We were supposed to learn about the real human figure. But to be honest, I didn't learn that much.
And I also wish the could have tought us how to use the different materials. We had to buy all these expensive materials without is knowing how to use them.

I think that I could have grown and made a really good book if I got more time and if I had more knowledge about the techniques.

My final grade for this course was 23/30, which I'm fine with.
I mean, I'm not screaming out of joy, but I really really wish I learned more during this course.


13 July, 2011

My life

Quick update with what my mom is making for me. Kanelbullar!


12 July, 2011

Technical drawing

One of the best courses through the years in IED. A well educated teacher with knowledge and a will to teach.
Her method of teaching was so good, and I've never learned as much as I learned from her.

I can not say more than she's an amazing teacher!

My final grade for that course was 29/30. And I can not be more happy about it. But I also gave everything for that course!


08 July, 2011


As you've noticed I didn't blog yesterday. I spent the day moving my things from my appartment to my friends appartment. It ended up with dinner (which I made) and a night out.
I was supposed to just dance for a few hours but I got home at 05. Not what I planned! So I was at the airport still drunk and tired after only 3 hours sleep.

I'm in Stockholm, Sweden now. Enjoying 1 Class in the train.
There are about 2.5h left until I'm in my town. So I will probably update again with a recap of Technical drawing.


06 July, 2011


Contemporary fashion... what is there to say? I failed with a 17/30... I course that doesn't make sense and a "teacher" that suck. (Michele, I hope you don't read this. But if you do... YOU SUCK!)

Our teacher from last year for Fashion History was much better. He made the course interesting and we learned something.

I know I'm mean to the teacher now, but he shouldn't teach. He shouldn't teach anything. It's just not his thing. There must be something else that he's better in...

There is the exam in september that I need to redo. And in this moment I just want to pass with a 18/30, and that's it!

This course could have been so much better, but it just wasn't good at all. I dont have anything else to say about this.



I'm taking a break from my packing. Two days left until I go back for the summer and I still don't know what to do with all my things. My contract for this apartment is going out in the end of July. And my new apartment that I've signed contract for starts in september.
So before I go back to sweden I need to pack everything and leave it somewhere until I get back.

I'm really stressed. I've already left one bag of clothes in sweden when I went back the other week. I have 1 more bag with only clothes and the rest are just materials and school stuff.

I have no idea what to do. One friend is keeping one big bag and my machines in his apartment. But there are still 4 small bags and one huge IKEA bag with all my fabrics.

I have 2 more days to figure something out. If not... I'm pretty dead!



Let's see now... Is there any good to say about this course? No!

Really nothing. I mean, I've learned how to cast on and cast off on the knitting machines. But that's kind of it.

I'm not sure but I think that my final grade for this course was 22/30.
A pretty bad grade is you ask me. But the teacher that helps us with the machines is a natzi member. She only likes germans and guys. Even better if you are a german AND a guy.
She never helped us and she just yelled all the time.
The "design" teacher was even worse than her. She was this crazy english woman with a bad mood every single class.
No fun at all.
This teacher took everything very personaly. For example; in the beginning of december we had our last class before christmas. But we didn't think of it as the last class before the holidays. So noone said "Merry Christmas" to her, and she got really upset and she said that we were rude and after that time she hated us.
I am sorry, but I'm not in school to become friends with the teachers. And she got angry about a ridiculous thing. I mean, who says merry christmas 1 month before christmas?!

She should grow up!
And the other one should stop teaching at IED and start teaching at a boysschool!

So how should I grade them?
Lets just say 0 for all types of grading!

Yeah, that's kind of it!

05 July, 2011


So I will start off with Graphic Design. One of the first courses of the second year. The course was fine, I've learned a lot but the teacher could have been better.

We learned the basics of how to build up a magazine page, invitation, press-kit and much more.

In the end of the course I got 24/30 which I wasn't very happy about. Some teachers are a bit unfair when it comes to grades. But becasue they combine the Semiotics grades with Graphic design my average became 25/30. So in the end it wasn't that bad.

Maybe I should grade this course...

Teacher: 2/5
Method of teaching: 3/5
Method of grading: 1/5

Final grade: 2/5

Mi dispiace Bonelli...


04 July, 2011

An idea

I have an idea about what I can blog about this week. Everyday I will update twice with things I've been doing in school.
It will be like a recap of the second year. A lot of pictures and thoughts about everything!

What do you think about that?

Here are some pictures from the menswear thesis.

Remember that I only show pictures of my favorite outfits. The rest were nice, but not too nice!


I know

I am so sorry for not blogging at all these last days. My internet haven't been working and I haven't been much home either for that matter.

Here are some of my favorite outfits from The Show about us Womenswear.

The designers are the students that got 25+/30 for their thesis. And there were about 19 students showing their outfits at the fashionshow.

I will show some pictures from the menswear later.