31 May, 2011

Tattoos and other stuff

I know I've been blogging like niente these days. But I haven't got any time to do that.

Well, me and my sister got our tattoo. And we went to Cavalli for some crazy party(which wasn't very crazy) and then just shopping and eating lots of food!

We also went to Como today, it was amazing as usual. And she's leaving tomorrow :( buhuu

I will see her soon again, but it's sad that she's leaving!

And people! I've got good news! I'm having my photoshoot at Stizzo Tattooing! Yaaaaay!
I'm so happy! I just need my model and then I'm good to go!

Bouna notte

28 May, 2011


Seriously, I need to stop going to H&M. Or any other store for that matter.
Everytime I go(as company) with my friends to H&M, I always get home with a shoppingbag. It's a serious problem. And I need to stop.

These last weeks have been crazy. But I can't stop. I just feel like I need so many things even though I don't.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to a market to look for a bike. They always have a lot of cheap bikes for sale. Maybe I will buy one.
And later my sister will arrive and we have the appiontment for our next tattoo.

I'm so excited!

Bouna notte

26 May, 2011

Colour blocking

As we all know, colour blocking is a huge trend this season.
So I've collected some garments and images as inspiration for that!




I'm almost done with the collection book, and it will be ready to print out in a few days. Can't wait until it will be done so I can start stitching the outfit.

I'm also done with the collection for womenswear but I still need to finsih all the flats.

My classmates are so stressed about everything, but I don't feel stressed at all. I will make it and I will make a great job. I always do!


25 May, 2011


I passed cineforum with a superlow grade as 18/30. But I'm happy I didn't fail.

Tomorrow is the day whe I need to show the teacher oalmost the whole Menswear project. And I'm almost done.

After that: Crazy weekend with my love(sister) and friends!


24 May, 2011


Almost done.
The only thing left for me to do is to attach the zipper and then it's done!

Tomorrow: Finish Fabricboard and layout for menswear project.

It has to be done for thursday. No sleep, no food, no break just work!


23 May, 2011

The less you have to carry...

The more you have to give

By Tiger Lou, A Partial Print

I'm trying to figure out what titel I should have for the menswear collection. I haven't desided yet. My idea is to have a songtitel from the band Tiger Lou. But I don't know which one...

Any thoughts?



I finished the try-out for the bustier/body this morning. Not much left until I can start stitching the real outfit for womenswear.


22 May, 2011


I just saw a pair of boots that I'm soooo inlove with! I want them and I need them, unfortunately they don't sell them in Milano. But becasue I have such an amazing sister in Oslo, she promised me to buy them.

These babes are from Weekday/Cheap Monday

Isn't she lovely?!


21 May, 2011


I just got back from Parco Sempione and here are a few pictures from us celebrating our future!


I refuse to believe that this will be my last day on earth. I'm doing homework and enjoying this beautiful day in Milano. I have a lot to do for next week and I probably wont sleep for a few days.

This is me being an optimist. I do my homework becasue I know I will have to show them next week. So a lot of positive thinking from my side!
Who ever thought that doing homework would be a good thing?

And another thing I'm longing for is next saturday. My sister is coming and she's spending a few days here. I'm making my second tattoo(the picture above) with her and I'm so excited!

Now: Go to the park and enjoy the weather!


19 May, 2011


10 drawings done, 5 more to go!

More pictures later!


18 May, 2011


Joan Crawford

Done with Cineforum. I had to give in an essey about one actress from the melodrama movies that we watched, and I chose Joan Crawford. She's so beautiful and her acting was sooo good!
Anyways, I'm done now. I just want my grade and move on!

Only two more courses to finish, Womenswear project + tailoring and menswear project + tailoring.


17 May, 2011


Details of the vest that I'm doing for menswear tailoring!

Stody for Cineforum exam that is tomorrow!



First try-out of the blazer for womenswear project.

Can't wait until the blazer is done!


15 May, 2011


Details from my Womanswear project

I have 6 drawings now, and there are 9 more to go. Obviously I wont be able to finish everything for tomorrows class. But I will do as much as I can!


Magazzini Generali

After pre-party + eurovision song contest(with a coke on my head) me and my friends spontaneously went out clubbing.
And Magazzini Generali became the victim!

One of the craziest nights here in Milano. And the funny part is that it's a gay club!
But hot gay guys indeed!

14 May, 2011


Blogger didn't work yesterday, so I couldn't post anything.
But the pictures above are some of the things I did yesterday. Illustrations for Project Womenswear.

I still need to do a lot more, but I have 3 more days to finish all the drawings.

More pictures later!


12 May, 2011

Not a big deal

it's really not. For me, of course, it's a pretty big deal, but maybe you you no.

Anywaaaaays :D
HAHAHA this is so funny
You probably think I'm crazy or something(which I am btw)

Okey, now to the subject:

My beloved teacher for menswear project desided to cancel next weeks class. Which means that we will get two weeks free until next class. And then We're supposed to bring almost evrything for the final book. And after that we will have two weeks to finish the book and turn it in!


I'm so not stressed right now. I can finally relax a bit!

Yeah, that's it! Hahahaha


The happiest day of my life...


10 May, 2011


Updating from school!

I'm doing technical drawings for menswear project.
I'm so tired and hungry. And school closes at 21. But I still have 3 more outfits(9 garments) to finish.
What I cant finish today will be finished tomorrow.

I also have 9 more drawings to do so I will do some tonight and some tomorrow night!
All of it has to be done for thursday!



09 May, 2011


New in from Ikastetiket

I had nametags but I lost them when I moved out from my old apartment.
Pretty simple and just the way I want them.

What do you think?


06 May, 2011

The Club

Yesterday night ended up at The Club.
It was a crazy and fun night, I really had to be crazy.

Anyways, I went for some shopping today with some friends from sweden. And I showed them around Milano.
From 13 until 23, only walking. I'm so freaking tired!

Shopping, go to Como and finish the day at Armani Prive!

I wont blog anything tomorrow.
But I will be back blogging as usual next week!


05 May, 2011


These days have been so stressful, I haven't had time to do anything. I've been studying all day.

I didnt finish all 10 drawings for today, but that just gives me more porblems, because the whole collection has to be done for next thursday.
This is the perfect time for some help!

I've been thinking a bit about my photoshoot for the Menswear collection.
And because my rolemodel(Ian Jones) is a guy that's working as a tattoo artist(made up story), I thought it would be nice to have the photoshoot in a tattoo saloon.
I will ask at the place where I do my tattoos if it's ok to have it there.
Can you imagine how it would look, my model posing with the tattoo artist behind making tattoos?

I love the idea!

No I just have to wait and see if they will let me, which I hope!!


03 May, 2011

6 hours

I spent 6 hours extra at school today.
My Illustrator doesn't work, so I had to use schools computers to work. I did 15 flats today, and I need to do 15 more for thursday. I also have to make 5 more illustrations.
And let's not forget the fabricboard! All that for thursday!
Kill me now, please!


Just one more thing

...before I sleep

I need you!!!!!

€25 from ViviStyle


Buona notte


Materials Technology exam: Check!
What's left is: Womenswear project, Menswear project and Cineforum.

Here are some sketches for menswear.


Bouna notte

01 May, 2011


I'm done with all the samples. And I'm now working on the presentation.
I still haven't decided how to present the collection...

I will let you know tomorrow!


3 samples left

I'm so tired of doing this! But I only have 3 more samples to do! Finally!
And I need to put the book together so I can print it out tomorrow morning before the exam.
I'm so tired, really...

15 samples done, more to come