30 April, 2011

3 hours

You're now looking at 3 hours work.
It's about 30x20cm. And it took me about 3 hours. Kill me!

I am sooooooo dead!

Wish me luck with the other samples!



This is seriously taking me forever!
I have to finish all samples today so I can work with my womenswear project. And I have 15 more samples to do!

My fabrics are almost finished so I have to go to the fabric store. And they are closed now until 16.00. So I will just keep on doing samples and then go to buy more fabrics.

Pictures later!


29 April, 2011


Some sketches for my Materials Technology presentation.

I'm working on the final project for materials. And I'm so stressed!
And I want to watch the Royal wedding so badly, but there is no time for that!

But isn't the dress gorgeous? The dress is made by Alexander McQueen.
I think it's the perfect dress for a Royal wedding.
What do you think?

By the way... The exam ended up with a "fight" between me and the teacher. But in the end I got 25/30, which I'm happy with.
That teacher is really shit. I'm happy that I wont have him anymore!


28 April, 2011

Semiotics exam

One of the ads that I analyzed in my project

I'm at this moment having the Semiotics exam. I had to print out the presentation earlier this morning. And I skipped the menswear project class.
I'm really hoping for a good grade... Well, at least 25/30!

I will update later and let you know my grade!


26 April, 2011

CPH Airport

From Linköping City airport to Copenhagen airport, to Milano linate.

I will be back in Milano at 23 tonight.

I dont wanna go back to my crazy life in Milano. I had it so nice in my hometown.
I just think about all the stress that is waiting. There wont be any sleeping the next 30 days!

Crazy life!

I'm leaving a wonderful Linköping for a less wonderful Milano


23 April, 2011

Hoffmaestro & Chraa

Another picture from yesterday with some of the guys in Hoffmaestro & Chraa.
Love them!

Happy easter!


22 April, 2011

Hoffmaestro & Chraa

Hoffmaestro, an amazing band!

I went for their consert yesterday. They are such an amazing band. You have to listen to their songs.
2 hours of jumping and it was probably the best conster I've ever gone to.

Just to clear everything up. It was an AMAZING night!


21 April, 2011


Hello readers.

I know I haven't bloging very much the last week. But my internet in mialno hardly worked and I arrived so late yesterday.

I guess I wont be bloging much these days until I arrive in milano.

I'm going out later today. And I will spend the other days with my friends and family. I will try to post at least 1 time at the day.


19 April, 2011


I just got back from school, Menswear patternmaking. I'm almost done with my shirt, just a few things left.

I'm packing my luggage.
Tomorrow Sweden! :) And I will be back tuesday next week.

Yesterdays materials technology went well. She liked my things, but she wants me to be slightly more crazy.
The exam is 2 May, and I need to present 18 fabrics. 6 of them with a illustration.

I'm working at Versace today again. I'm going there in a few hours.

I will let you know more later.


17 April, 2011



The final moodboard for my Materials Technology project

What do you think?


Chromatic analysis

Here's a picture of my project for Semiotics exam.

I seriously do not understand what I'm doing.
I hope it's good enough for a 18/30 hahaha

Now: meet up with my friends to put the whole project together.


No internet

Hey. Sorry for really bad updating.

I've been having problems with my internet. So I haven't been able to update anything.

I've been working on my samples for materials technology.

Some samples that I've made.


14 April, 2011


I had problems with my internet yesterday. So I couldn't post this.

I went around in the metro and in stores to take pictures of escalators for my Materials technology project.

My inspiration will be from that.

No stores allowed me to take pictures of the escalators except Bershka. So the pictures above are from there. And I also have some pictures from the metro. But those pictures didn't turn out that good.

I will show you the moodboard as soon as I'm done with it.


Versace Home Event

This is how the party ended up. Amazing furniture and amazing house. Unfortunately I was at the office when Donatella Versace and her daugther arrived to the party. So I never got the chance to meet them.
Anyways. It was fun, and this whole week have been such an experience!

I hope they will keep in touch for other events. I wouldn't mind working with them again.


13 April, 2011


Quick update!

I'm getting ready for the party!
I have to be there in 2 hours and I havn't even started to get ready! Aaaaaaah!!!

I will update more tomorrow!


12 April, 2011


The clutch is done!
I'm pretty happy with the result. I still have black leather. So I need to find another design for that one!

What do you think?



Yesterday was not as tough as sunday. Most of the rooms at Gianni Versaces house were done. So the only thing we had to do was to check that everything was on place and so steam all beds and pillows.

My "boss" introduced me to everyone as The Queen of making beds. Nice to have a title!

And he also sent me to Versace Home to help the people there with the beds.

And this is the result:

What do you think?
Should I maybe change career and go for this instead?
One of the girls at Versace Home actually thought that I'm working as a interior designer! Hahaha

I really enjoyed working with all the people, and I hope they will keep in touch for the next fairs in Milano.

Tomorrow everning is the Party at Gianni Versaces house. And I will be there! I'm so happy that I got the chance to do all of this!


10 April, 2011

12 hours

(Because I don't know if I'm allowed to show you pictures of the furnitures, I will only show you some details.)

I'm finally home after working at Versace Home for 12 hours!
I haven't been this tired for a very long time. But I'm not complaining...
This is probably the best experience I've ever had!

So what I did today was that I(me and my friends) had to prepare about 1000 giftbags for the guests. And at about 14.30 we were done with that.

But they needed some help with the styling of the rooms at Gianni Versaces house, were the party is going to be held, so I went there to help out.
I got home at 22.30. I'm soooooooo tired. But it was so much fun! And the funritures are AMAZING! I love it!

And I'm skipping school tomorrow(womenswear project), because they need us at the house tomorrow. I thought that I've done so much during class time, so it wont matter if I miss one class.

And one last thing. I will be at the party on wednesday!!! I'm so happy!


09 April, 2011

Versace Home

Next week is the Salone Mobile 2011 in Milano. So all interior design companies are now preparing themselfes.

And a friend of mine know a designer at Versace home, and he needed people to help him to prepare all the giftbags for the guests of their party on wednesday.
So I went there to help. And I will do it tomorrow also. And hopefully they will show us around Gianni Versaces house, where the party is going to be.

The pictures above are from Versace Home. The store that is about to open near Montenapoleone.

I will let you know more tomorrow.



I went for some shopping this morning and now I'm stitching the shirt for Womens Patternmaking.
So I thought that it would be a good idea to show you my babe!

So this is my sewing machine. A Husqvarna Viking.
I really love it! Before buying this ine I had a Brother machine, but I didn't like it so I bought a new one.

I'm done stitching the shirt for today. And instead I'm stitching my clutches!


08 April, 2011

Change of plans

I've been thinking a lot about my final outfit that I will stitch for Menswear project. And because I have a lot of zippers in my collection, I also want to stitch something with zippers.

So I talked to my teacher about my outfit and he approved the change. I will change the pants and make my other design to them. They are almost the same, but I will add some zipper details.

Pictures another day!


06 April, 2011


I'm trying to decide what layout I should have for the final book. I want something like this. But it's a bit boring. Maybe I should print it on a special paper or maybe just put a background.

By the way, did You notice the hair on the guy? hahaha I hate doing mens hair, so I just photoshoped the hair. Maybe I will add a face too, but make it more cartoonish.

Anyways, I have to do some Semiotics homework.


Wedge heaven

Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen

Love from Net-a-Porter



New in! Oversized cardigan, basic tank top with low back and Denim shorts(like the other ones, but dark). Everything is from H&M.

But there is more to buy! I need shoes and more tops!


05 April, 2011


Weeeeeeeeeeeell, I went for some shopping earlier today! Guess what?!

Fabrics! Hahaha

Nowadays I go for some shopping in the fabric stores. And I always get home with something!

I tried to focus on fabrics that I need for my project. So I bought my last samples for Womens- and Menswear collection.

I love buying fabrics, and this is what I ended up buying today!

Now: Go for some real shopping! I need summer clothes!


04 April, 2011

Week 14

During todays Womenswear collection I choose my final outfits for the collection. I had 21 sketches. And now only 15.
I'm happy that I'm done with that and I can now move on with working on the outfit and the drawings/tech draw.

I will post some pictures of my final outfits later.


03 April, 2011

Second Generation

Two pictures from the "Remake" collection by Second Generation. Here are our models Alma and Stina Helgesson

About 3 years ago. Time goes fast!