05 March, 2011

This is also official

IED is a school for italians. And italians only.

It's starting to piss me off. I'm so tired of getting lower grades just because I'm in the english course. The Italians get better grades than the english students.

I got 22 for my Knitwear project. I know that my things were better than a lot of italians projects. And I hate it!

Some teachers say that we are rude and don't seem to be interested in the courses. But that's not true. And sorry, but I'm not there to become best friend with my teacher. I'm just there to learn.

My knitwear teacher got angry with us because we didn't tell her 'Merry Christmas' the last class before christmas, which by the way was almost 3 weeks before the holiday.

And we are rude. Hahaha!

Such a joke! And such a immature and unprofessional teacher!
Grow up!

I'm just pissed off, and I just wanted to release some of my feelings.

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Ps. Not all teachers are like that.

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