31 March, 2011

My plan

Well, these pictures are from my sketchbook. And it's my collection plan.
What I did was that I made simple flats of the shapes and garments I will use in my collection. (For example Pants; Full length, 3/4, Shorts. Shirts; Long sleeve, 3/4, short sleeve and so on...)

I have a collection with 20 outfits(3 pieces for each outfit) which gives me 60 garments in total.
So I had to decide how many pieces of each "sort" I will use in total in my collection.
These "flats" are not real, and I will not use them in the collection. It's just to understand the wholeness of the final collection.
And that is what I've done!


30 March, 2011


Working on the Collection Plan for the Menswear Project.

I have to make flats(like the ones above) to explain how many pieces of what kind of garment I will have in my collection. And that for tomorrow. And I've only made 6 flats. And I still need 54 more!

Wish me luck!


SS 2010

Prada SS2010

I dont just want this collection, I need it!


29 March, 2011

The September Issue

After 3 hours of Cineforum and "All that heaven allows" I got home and watched "The September issue"

Whatch the trailer above and see what it's about!
In my opinion it's a pretty amazing documentary about fashion and it gives you the idea of all the hard work within it.

I strongly recommend it!



Winter rose

Listening to this amazing song from Firefox and Tiger Lou while getting ready for school. Last weeks Cineforum got cancelled so I have that class today instead.




I'm so scared of materials technology. So much to do and I'm sooooo lost in this subject.
I hate having no idea of what to do. It's really killing me. But I have to work all day and tomorrow go to the Open Lab.

Stress, stress and more stress!


Technical Drawing and some more

Technical drawing of 2 of the garments I'm going to make for the finals. Still the skirt missing, but I will work on it these days.

Another sketch. I just sketch a lot and I will choose my favorite outfits to put in my collection.

What do You think?


27 March, 2011


Have anyone missed the last John Galliano fashion show by John Galliano?

I must say that it is an amazing collection. And such a shame that he put himself in this position.

I wonder how his future will look like...

What do You think?



There is no limit for a good inspiration.

As here, asparagus, which I will use in my book for materials technology.



After a Pre-party at my friends place, the night ended up in The Club. And after 5 hours of dancing in my new heels I decided to give my feet some rest and go home.

And I guess this day will be quite long, becaue I can't sleep until I'm done with my Materials Technology research.

Pictures, later!


26 March, 2011

Another picture

Another picture from my Personal Design book

I want to go clubbing tonight, but I have plastic covering my back wich isn't very nice. I haven't gone out for such a long time and I really need to be crazy and have fun. So I will see where the evening takes me. Probably Armani Prive or The Club.

I will let you know later!

Now: Keep working on my materials technology research..


3.1 Phillip Lim

SS2010Men by 3.1 Phillip Lim

A lot of the inspiration for my menswear collection came from this collection. It's so nice and the style of it is perfect for what I'm doing.

What do You think?


25 March, 2011

Alpha and Omega

I made my first tattoo earlier today!

Everybody that says that it hurts are crazy. I hardly felt anything!

Well, here it is!

"God is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end"

I made it between the shoulders. A little bit above where the bra is.

And as I said. It did NOT hurt at all.

The studio is in Via A. Anfossi, Milano. And the name is Stizzo.
They where really kind and they speak english!

I'm planning to make another one in May, with my sister here in Milan.



Hey again.

I know there are people who reacted about the Pro-anorexia thing that I wrote about earlier today.

What I forgot to say about it was that it's not just about deleting all blogs about anorexia. And make pro-anorexia websited illegal.

What they are trying to do is to prevent websites that are giving information about how to become anorexics. Websites which also encourage young girls to do it. They make them believe that it will lead them to a model career.

My opinion is that it's wrong.

And yes, models are very skinny. Girls see them as rolemodels, but to encourage girls to become anorexics is way to dangerous!

That is MY opinion about it.



Yesterday during Menswear collection class two girls from Vogue.it came to collect signatures for against Pro-anorexia websites.

It's so nice that they are doing this. And if they get enough signatures the goverment will stop from showing these websites.

Sign it You too. They need it... WE need it!

Click Here to sign the list!

Go down to where it says Firma la petizione and sign.

Nome(Name) - Mandatory
Cognome(Surname) - Mandatory



My final outfit for Menswear Collection; Approved!

Some of my fabrics for the collection

I just want to start stitching everything! Fun!


24 March, 2011


to my place. As You know, this is fashion according to Me!

I havn't been blogging this whole day because I've been spending the day in school and at my friends place.

And now when I got home I checked the statistics of the blog, it was crazy high!
I've never had this many visitors in one day.
So I have to say:
Welcome all!

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope that you visit me again!

Tomorrow is a big day for me, because I'm making my first tattoo. I can't wait until it's done. And I will of course show you picture of it.
I will also show you the drawing of the final outfit that I will make for Menswear Collection.


H&M Men

H&M Men, €15

I went for some shopping today. I bought some things that I need and plus some things that I want :)

I got home with a belt from the mens department in H&M. Isn't it nice?

Do You(girls) ever buy things from men departments?


23 March, 2011

Cry baby

Sketches for Menswear collection

I'm now done with my sketches for menswear collection for tomorrow. But I still need to pick out the outfit that I will make for the finals, render it and make the flats.

I'm doing everything while watching Cry Baby with Johnny Depp.

Does it look interesting?



1. Lanvin 695, 2. Lanvin 780

Amazing shoes from a amazing designer!


22 March, 2011


I bought some fabrics and eco-leather today after patternmaking.
I was supposed to buy fabrics for womenswear and menswear collection, which I did, but I also bought some eco(fake)-leather for making 2 clutches.

The 'leather'
I have to take better pictures of the leather. But it is a black and a white.

The design

I will update more about it later!



Todays Mens Patternmaking.

The pattern for the shirt I'm making and the fabric I will use.

I'm so tired. And I just want to sleep, but I can't. I have so much to do for Menswear Collection.


21 March, 2011

English seam

This mornings work at Womens Patternmaking. Putting the shirt together with english seam.

For next week, finish stitching the shirt!



This is a random guy from the tram.

I liked the details on the jacket and I really wanted to get a picture of it.
And I tried to be discrete about it. But it didn't that well. The sound on my phone was off.

Some people started to laugh, also I did. But I got the pictures!!!


This is it

I just got home from school and 3 hours of Womenswear Collection.

Me and my teacher(which I love) decided what outfits(garments) I'm going to stitch for the finals. And I'm very happy with the decition that we made.

So... Here it is!

And this is the overview of the collection. there are still a few things missing there.

I'm so happy! I can't wait to get started!!!!!


20 March, 2011


Moiré taffeta

I'm cutting fabrics for a corset that I'm doing for pattern making.
The fabric that I use is a Moiré taffeta, which shows this nice "wood" pattern.

When I'm done stitching it I will let you know!


Maxi love

This designer is freaking awsome!

God, I love every single piece if the FallWinter 2011/12 collection.

I'm so inlove with him!

What do you think?


19 March, 2011

Britney Bonus

Here is one of my favorite songs!
Britney Spears- He's about to lose me, bonus track


God! I love it!



Drapy skirt

Weekday, €25

This baby from Weekday is now mine. My sister who lives in Oslo bought it for me!

I love it!

What do you think?


Thunder and full moon

I'm sitting in my room trying to study. But this thunder is freaking me out!

I'm so scared even though it looks so nice!