22 January, 2011

She said, I quote...

... " Fantastic work! Keep going! Follow my notes for corrections. I'm so proud of you!"
I don't think you understand how much it means to me to get comments like this. I need this to get better! To know that I'm on the right track. And teachers like that makes me love what I do!

Todays exam went fine. Not really happy with my grade. It's not the most important course, but I think I did deserve more. The grade is 24/30, which is not more than fine to me.

And then, I've been trying to do some Personal Design. BUT I REALLY CANT DO IT!
3 hours did it take just to make 1 drawing. 1! I can't find any motivation to do anything. And I wish I understood what to do! It kills me, really!

Mood up! Mood up!, that is what I say to keep my mood up.

...hoping for better days!


1 comment:

ilona said...

i'm proud of you rooomii :D saknar dig puusss