24 January, 2011


School from 09-19... Crazy!

Pattern Making: I'm so angry about it! Because I spend the whole class doing nothing. We where supposed to cut the fabric for the jeans. But we didn't do any of that. I was working until 10 and then I just had to wait until the whole clas where done with their patterns so the teacher could show us how to do the corrections. Which suck, because for next monday we have to hand out the jeans, perfectly made "Like you would sell them in a store".

Like we don't have nothing else to do every day! Come on, we're at school monday 9-19, tuesday 9-20, thursday 9-20. And we have other homeworks also... WHEN ARE WE SUPPOSED TO HAVE TIME TO DO A PAIR OF JEANS?! It's f*cking crazy. I'm so pissed off right now! God!


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