31 January, 2011


...Yes you. You are my typ of guy.

I have to choose a guy that will represent my collection... or should I say my "muse"

Hello, you!

What do you think?
Does it sound appealing?



Yes, you! Come to mama!

Beautiful shoes from Marni


30 January, 2011

29 January, 2011

28 January, 2011


Vionnet Spring Summer 2011

Summer Love



I just came home from school. There was a Pattern making open lab until 20 and I had to finish the pattern for the jeans.

I'm now done with the pattern, I just have to cut the fabric and then start to stitch.
These two upcoming days will be just for stitching. But I also have to write my part of the essay for Contemporary fashion.

And, I also have to make my research for Project womenswear.

I just wonder when I'm supposed to have my weekend, when I'm supposed to have time for rest. I guess there wont be any time for that! And these days have been so busy, so even when I go to sleep, my body doesn't get the rest I need to.
So, I'm kind fo tires every day, and my body hurts as hell!

I just want this to be finished NOW!


27 January, 2011

Project w/m

Alright, this is it. I've started Project Womenswear and Menswear now.
Two totally different teachers.
The one for womenswear is more calm and she doesnt stress very much.
The teacher for menswear is the oppisit of her. He want as much as possible for every class. But he's still amazing! Both of them are!

The collection will be for Spring/summer 2012.

Anyways, for womanswear we could choose what the theme will be for the collection. I chose minimalistic 1870-1880. So instead off all the volume and details, I will have the lines as inspiration but do it in a more contemporary way. And minimalistic. I love it minimalistic! The colors are not like the ones on the pictures. My colors will be; black(of course), salmon, beige, light gray and off white.

And for the Menswear, we had to choose a picture out of a pile, and that will be the inspiration for the collection. I can say that I was one of the unlucky ones. My picture is really not to brag about haha. But it will be a challenge and I will learn a lot of it...(hopefully)




I'm still doing it!


26 January, 2011


Todays wish



1. Christian Dior , 2. Chanel, 3. ArmaniPrive



Even though I didn't like this collection very much, I must say; I love this campaign! It makes me wanna buy every single garment of this collection!



Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Video Campaign


24 January, 2011


Todays drawing

And todays Materials technology



Working on my own design



School from 09-19... Crazy!

Pattern Making: I'm so angry about it! Because I spend the whole class doing nothing. We where supposed to cut the fabric for the jeans. But we didn't do any of that. I was working until 10 and then I just had to wait until the whole clas where done with their patterns so the teacher could show us how to do the corrections. Which suck, because for next monday we have to hand out the jeans, perfectly made "Like you would sell them in a store".

Like we don't have nothing else to do every day! Come on, we're at school monday 9-19, tuesday 9-20, thursday 9-20. And we have other homeworks also... WHEN ARE WE SUPPOSED TO HAVE TIME TO DO A PAIR OF JEANS?! It's f*cking crazy. I'm so pissed off right now! God!


23 January, 2011


I hope I'm doing it right this time!

What do you think?


22 January, 2011

She said, I quote...

... " Fantastic work! Keep going! Follow my notes for corrections. I'm so proud of you!"
I don't think you understand how much it means to me to get comments like this. I need this to get better! To know that I'm on the right track. And teachers like that makes me love what I do!

Todays exam went fine. Not really happy with my grade. It's not the most important course, but I think I did deserve more. The grade is 24/30, which is not more than fine to me.

And then, I've been trying to do some Personal Design. BUT I REALLY CANT DO IT!
3 hours did it take just to make 1 drawing. 1! I can't find any motivation to do anything. And I wish I understood what to do! It kills me, really!

Mood up! Mood up!, that is what I say to keep my mood up.

...hoping for better days!


21 January, 2011

Graphic Design

You know I told you that I had to create a brand for Graphic Design exam. Well, I've done that now.
This is a few things from my presentation. An advertising, presentation and an invitation.
All of it is fake. But more or less, that is what I want my future work be about!

(klick on the picture to make it bigger)

Now: Dinner at California Bakery
Later: Talk about Technical Drawing! I'm really happy about it!


20 January, 2011

19 January, 2011

Personal Design

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to forget todays horrible Personal Design class.
It was awful! I don't really know what to say about it.
She didn't like what I did... To be more precise, she said: If this would be your presentation, you would fail.

It was wrong, she didn't want me to work in the way that I did.
I just have to change idea and start all over again!
So I'm starting from zero and try to make it better for next week!

Welcome to Fashion School!


To die for?

The one and only Christian Louboutin!
From the one and only Net-a-Porter


Closing my eyes

I havn't been this tired since first year before all the exams.
I've been doing some more Personal Design drawings. And I also have finished all the Graphic Design. I just need to stitch my clutch that I've designed.
After class tomorrow, I have to go and buy some leather so I can stitch the clutch for saturday. And I also have to print all the things out!

I'm relieved that all of that are done. But I just can't think of the rest that has to be done!

This is the clutch:

What do you think? In black leather :)

Thursday: Italian test 2
Semiotics- New class

Friday: Technical Drawing

Saturday: Graphic Design- Exam


17 January, 2011

Personal Design

Guess what?! I'm having fun while doing the Personal Design!

This is me working!

I have to eat now! I'm crazy hungry!


16 January, 2011

Moncler Gamme Bleu

I woke up pretty early to finish my homework for monday. The skirt is almost done. But I will just stitch the rest by hand.

I went to Just Cavalli yesterday. A little bit spontanious. Not the best night ever, really. Too much people and really bad music. But because I was in mood to have fun I just desided to dance and make it good. A plus is that a lot of models where there :)

Continue work and then go to Moncler Gamme Bleu



15 January, 2011


I got back my homework from last week for Tech Draw today. And I also got a note from the teacher. These ones are really not good technical drawings. These are bad! But comparing to what I did the week beforem, then these ones are good. But comparing to the ones I did for this week, these are shit! hahahahaha

This is me working with patternmaking.

And yes, it is the same table as the picture from yesterday. But today I'm using it for tailoring! Haha

Tomorrow: buy fabrics for tailoring and materials tech, and do personal design. PLUS finish the skirt for monday!
All sunday will go to the Moncler Gamme Bleu fashion show!

Bouna notte.

Miu Miu

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed you!


13 January, 2011

Technical Drawing

Ikea deliverd my table this morning. And I just had to put everything together and get my room fixed. And now I have a proper room. Which means that I finally can start working properly! FINALLY!

I'm skipping todays italian class. I feel that I need to finish the things for next week. I'm a little bit stressed about next week. Because I have to give in at least 10drawings for Personal Design(this weeks class got cancelled, THANK GOD!), and next saturday is Graphic design exam. And I have to give in two kind of portfolios.

This is me working:

These are the things I had to buy for Personal Design. And I really need to get started with it!!


11 January, 2011

Fashion Week

Hello everyone!
Men's Fashion Week starts tomorrow and here is a few outfits from the last one. I hope for an amazing week!...
Milano is already looking so much better on the streets.

On Sunday: Moncler Gamme Bleu

1. Costume National 2. Yves Saint Laurent 3. 3.1 Phillip Lim 4. Burberry Prorsum 5. Bottega Veneta

Perfect timing also. Because I need to design a pair of men's pants for next weeks Pattern making- Men's collection. So I hope for a lot of inspiration!


10 January, 2011

I am

...attending to be a dresser for the show at sunday! Fun!

More about that when I get all information!


09 January, 2011

Make up

So tipical me! I noticed yesterday that I forgot all(my few ones) make up in Sweden! So I went today to Kiko and bought new. Not much, because I don't use a lot anyways.
And I also bought my first foundation. Which I will hardley use, but it's good to have :)
Everything is from Kiko, a Milanese brand. It's pretty good and also cheap. I always buy eyeshadows and lipsticks there.



Phillip Lim SS2011





Bouna notte

08 January, 2011


I came back from Ikea a while ago. I was supposed to buy a table, as I told you yesterday.
But(!)... They where finished, the ones I was going to buy. And I'm so angry, because I dont have time to go back to Ikea all the time. And it's so far away!
The funny thing is that the pieces comes seperatly, because you can choose what color you want for the legs. And guess what?! The legs where finished, in all colors! Only the legs! How is that even possible? How can they have less legs than the top part? I mean, it's stupid! Does people just buy the legs or what?! I really do not understand and I'm stressed and frustrated.

Anyways... I will try to order it online and see if I can get it before next weekend, which would be great.


Welcome to My....


Second day in Milan, and a few things have droped in to my closet. I just went to H&M and a few other stores, and I found these things that I really liked. And the price was really good! I mean, I wasn't supposed to buy anything, but I thought I was worth it haha. The prices where superlow, so I just had to get them. The shoes might not look that good on picture. But they are really nice. Nice for summer :) And everything is real leather!

Shoes, H&M, was €79 now €10
Bag, H&M, was €59 now 10
Belt, H&M, was €19 now €5

I also bought a lot of materials for Personal Design. And you know what? It hurts to put so much money on something that is not worth it. This class is really one class that I dont give a shit. I just want to pass it and get over it!

Well, I guess I have to do my best! Which I always do!

Tomorrow: Ikea! I have to buy a table for my room!