31 December, 2011

What's a holiday like this without...

Exactly, a cake!


Last day of the year. Is it snow or frost? Only frost, but who cares? It looks like snow anyways!

30 December, 2011

May my wish come true

... All I want for next year is You!


I had to try out this thing that I saw on an advertisment; Intense red lips

Here is step by step(Sorry for the bad quality pictures).

1. Start of with nothing on your lips.
2. Apply with a normal black eye-liner(pencil) the outline of the lips. Darker at the outline and lighter in the inside.
3. Use any kind of red lipstick. And apply all over the lips.


I had to try it out, so I started with a H&M eyeliner. Now that I know it works, I will get a better one. Anyways. The lipstick I'm using is Ultra Light Mat lipstick from Kiko. It's amazing! I love it and the lips gets the perfect mat red colour!


Me before clubbing at christmas day. Fun! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the evening. But let me tell you something; It was freaking crazy!
And I did steal a mens shirt. Or lets not call it stealing. The shirt was just lying around, so I took it.
It was a super nice jeans shirt from Wrangler. It was even my size hahaha

God, I love myself sometimes!

28 December, 2011

Give me spring

H&M spring collection

I can't wait until these garments will be out in stores!
I just feel like H&M gets better and better by the years.


26 December, 2011

22 December, 2011

Of course, like every year, something has to happen! My flight from Milan got delayed, so I miss my second flight to sweden. Now I'm stuck in Riga. But I can't be that bad right? Because they payed my hotel and all my meals until tomorrow.

Right now I'm just trying to enjoy my TGIF Cheeseburger.

Bye for now!

I'm flying away with Jane

I'm at the airport, waiting for my flight to departure. While waiting, I read. Almost finished with Pride and Prejudice, and I hope to finish reading it during this break.

I will blog later when I arrive.

21 December, 2011

Bag full of gifts

I'm going back to sweden tomorrow! And I can not believe that it's already christmas break!
I've been spenging many hours to find the right gifts for my family. And I'm finally done. So now I just want to go home and relax(not at all) and not have to think about school(only think about school)

Ciao ciao

19 December, 2011

Underwear vs wonderwear

Picture from Victoria Secret fashion show

Me and my friends were talkning about clothes earlier today and we discussed about underwear.
My friend told me: I don't need to use a bra. There's no different from when I'm without it and the size of my boobs are the same anyways.
And I replied: Why do you use a bra then?
Her answer: Because, the society taught us that after a certain age, the woman has to wear one. So that's why I'm wearing it.

Isn't that so true? I was laughing about it so much. Because it's so stupid, but it's exactly how it is!

God, I love fashion sometimes!

18 December, 2011

I just spent one evening with my friends. And I'm realizing how much I will miss them when I'm done with school.
It's not easy at all. Because my friends are from all over the world. So obviously it will be hard to visit and keep in touch with them with that distance.
And the weird part is that I've gotten much closer to my friends now than before.
It's just so sad.
I guess that's one of the negative things about international educations.

I'm just heading closer and closer to the end of this year and I'm realizing how little amount I have left to spend with these people.

My friends.

15 December, 2011

Christmas shopping

Italian test today, and I'm pretty sure I failed. The reason; I don't understand!(Of course!)
So I cheered me up with some christmas shopping. Not much for myself, only one top, and the rest for my family.

Now: Meet up with some friends that are leaving for vacation tomorrow. I'm not leaving until next thursday. One more week! I can do it :)

13 December, 2011

Shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes

Some winter sale shopping from Members.com. All shoes costs 10€ each. And I got 4! 2 for me and 2 for my friend! Yay!


11 December, 2011

10 December, 2011


Today is the 'stitching day'. I must finish all the garments today so I can focus on the flats tomorrow!

Bye for now!

09 December, 2011

2 in 1

Picture photoshoped by me

Christian D

Picture from Christian Dior book

I just finished the pattern for the garments I'm making and now I'm making some research.


08 December, 2011

More than ever

I will hopefully finish all ten outfits today so I can start stitch the outfit in muslin tomorrow!


Whispers necklace from Dogeared

Whispers necklace from Dogeared

This years christmas wish!

Love it!

More than ever

I woke up a while ago and know I'm drawing again. I will hopefilly finish all ten outfits today so I can start stitch the outfit in muslin tomorrow!


07 December, 2011

True blue

Doing illustrations for womenswear flash project.

This is the outfit I'm stitching for my exam.
What do you think? Interesting?


03 December, 2011


Jeffrey Campbell, Lita shoes

My friends really know me well!
I got these loveley shoes yesterday, and guess if I'm happy?!


My birthday- Part 1

An amazing night, created by amazing people!

02 December, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Its my birthday today! Wohooo! I'm legal all over the world!
So I'm celebrating it tonight with my friends!

Now: continue preparing the foods and cakes :)


30 November, 2011


I'm cutting out the pieces for my menswear blazer.
The fabric is a thin navy blue gabardine.