12 December, 2010

There is really no sign of internet in this apartment. I'm going crazy here.
I don't have anything else than my Blackberry. Almost 2 weeks since my internet's gone,
and I guess it won't come back for a while.

No, really, f*ck that! I'm starting to get really really pissed off!
May God be with the people that must deal with me during my weakest days!

Well, some funny things have happend these days. I was at Punks wear Prada yesterday.
And I say Stefano Gabbana there :) and I also had a picture with him (which I will
show you later). And I danced with danish guys. Cute ones :)

Now: good night!
I have to wake up early to do homeworks.

By the way, did I tell you that I got 25/30 on the italian test? Haha fun!

Bouna notte

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