01 December, 2010

Dear santa

Woooooow, its finally December and that means I, The one and only Rumija, will have my 20(!) birthday in a few hours! :) Then we have Christmas in a few weeks.

I have taken the opportunity to write a wish list to Santa Claus, it reads as follows:

Dear Santa,
this year I've been eating lots of spinach and broccoli. I've also been really nice. I helped an old lady across the street one day in May! Wish List: A house, with access of any furnishings, according to my wishes! Hello Kitty duvet cover and pillow cases! A trip to the Caribbean and a tall man with bright eyes and should preferably be financially independent.

Thanks in advance Grinch:)

Since I dont have internet access, I wont be able blogging often.

Before I save the post, I would like to say that I can consider myself lucky to have the world's best sister, Jaklin Aktas...here she is, "The lady in red"

Ciao, Rumija

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