23 November, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Ok... I didn't buy all the things that I wanted. The fur jacket wasn't good at all... It as way to big! And all the god dresses where finished when it was my turn to go in. And the skirt that I wanted was finished in black in my size. BUT, I got the white skirt instead, and it's really pretty. And I also got a pair of tights. I'm going there again later to see if they have the black skirt. Because I went to the smaller H&M and I guess that they had less clothes. So I will go the the other one after 13, becayse that's when they open the collection for everyone.

The funny part was that they only let 20 persons at the time to go in. And everyone got their own "personal shopper". And we just had to tell them what we wanted and they got everything for us :). It was pretty fun haha

Did You buy anything from the collection?


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