21 November, 2010


I just got home from some shopping. It's starting to get cold and I need some winter clothes. So I bought a cardigan and some knitted tights.

Yesterday I bought the dress for my birthday. It's kind of 50's style and it's really nice. I'm so happy!
You know that I found it a few days ago but I had to wait with buying it until yesterday. And yesterday when I went to Zara it was finished. They only had the same dress but in beige. And it wasn't really pretty. Not as the black one!
So I asked if they had in another Zara store. And they said that it should be if they aren't finished.
So me and my friends went there to find it. And they had it! I was so happy. And now it's mine! Yaaaay! Lucky me!
Now I just have to find a belt and a pair of shoes!

Price €50

What do you think?


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