17 November, 2010

3 hours of sh*t

This is Pina Menichelli, Francesca Bertini and Lyda Borelli... I guess.

When I say that todays Cineforum was 3 hours of shit, I really mean it!
Can you imagine sitting on a uncomfortable chair for 3 hours and just watch a hideous movie?!
I will tell you what: THIS WAS THE WORST CLASS EVER!
Really! I can not believe that I woke early up for that class.
Anyways, I will tell you what the movie was about.

1. It wasn't even a real movie. It was a 1 hour and 20 minutes long "movie" with hundreds of scenes from movies from early 19th century.
2. Pina Menichelli, Francesca Bertini and Lyda Borell; Hideous actresses and such divas! And really not good looking! And I think all of them are the same person (weird)
3. It was in black and white
4. No sound! Just terrible classical music

Am I supposed to stand all that at the same time?!
Please God be with me during this class!

Fashionshow Analysis
These 3 hours where long, but fine! I like this class and the teacher is really funny. We didn't do very much today. She was just talking about Menswear, culture, religions and traditions.
I still don't know what we will do during class. So I will tell you more about that after next lesson.


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