28 November, 2010

My 20th Birthday

The bad thing about yesterday was that I forgot my camera when we went to Hollywood!
So there are only pictures from the house party!

Now: watch How to lose a guy in 10 days


Breathe Again



I am so tired! I woke up at 15 and I had to go to my friends aparment and helt her clean.
There is so much food left and I don't know what to do with everything!

I will update later with some pictures. I really need to rest my feet and my eyes haha.

Talk to You later!


27 November, 2010

My 20th Birthday

I just finished with most of the foods. I still have to make some things, but that I will do at my friends place, because it needs to be warm.

Now I just need to go to the supermarket to buy some alcohol, because yesterday we finished a bottle of 1,5l wine.

Talk to you later!


My birthday gift

I think I deserve these shoes. So I desided to order them :) I didn't only order the shoes, I also ordered this pair of tights. LOVE!

Serpa SEK 359, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM
PP Tulle Tight SEK 134, Pretty Polly - NELLY.COM

Thank You my lovely brother for paying it!

Bouna notte

My 20th Birthday

In 21 hours my 20th bithday starts! I've been spending the day to fix all the things. I still have some food to cook, but that I will do tomorrow.

After Technical Drawing I went to buy the last things and then I went to my friends place. We ended up ordering pizza and drinking one bottle of wine. But we did manage to make all the cupcakes.

Cute ha? :)

I don't know if I will have time, but I will try to put some outfit pictures tomorrow. But I can not promise anything! You might just have to wait until sunday!

Have a nice weekend!


25 November, 2010

I heart


Playsuit ALICE by Temperley, Body Willow, Clutch Bottega Veneta, Lace dress Balmain, Shoes Yves Saint Laurent, Shoes Gucci, Shoes Gucci
Everything is from Net-a-Porter






Io non ho paura

I skipped graphic design today. I was to tired to wake up and go to school at 9. I instead woke up at 12 and I went to the supermarket to buy all the things for my birthday.
Tomorrow: Make all the cupcakes(20 pieces)! And I bought heart shaped muffin cups. They are so cute! And I will put frosting and decorations on them! *cute* And I aslo have to prepare some of the foods that I will have.
I really have a lot to do! Omg! HELP ANYONE?!

Todays italian class was really nice. We watched a movie from the 70's. Io non ho paura which means I'm not scared. Really amazing movie. I strongly recommend it!

And as a gift for my self:
These shoes
Serpa SEK 359, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM
Price: €40


24 November, 2010


I just saw this these pictures in Elin Kling's fashion blog. This top is pretty amazing! And I LOVE it! I also want one! Wait, I'm not sure... I'm not sure that I should start singing! :)

The designer is Ida pyk. She has some weird/fun tops. Check it out!



Todays Cineforum was fine. The movie that we watched was Morocco(1930) with Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper.
It is a love story about the cabaret singer Amy Jolly(Marlene Dietrich) and legionnaire Tom Brown. I really liked it. You should watch it! And it wasn't at all like the Diva Dolorosa "movie" that I told You about last week.
And another thing... I didn't know that they had this hot men during the 30's(joke) hahaha. But this Gary Cooper is really eye candy!

Now: Watch Charlie St Cloud!



I know that Alexander McQ is really expansive, but this is really crazy.
On Net-a-porter.com they today got in this black cape with golden embroideries. I didn't notice the price until I clicked on the picture of it. FREAKIN' €30.000! And guess what?! IT'S SOLD OUT! Damn it! I wanted to buy it so badly!

Now THAT is crazy!
Is it anyone of You who bought it? :)

What do you think about it? Is it worth it or is a little(tiny) bit pricey?


23 November, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Ok... I didn't buy all the things that I wanted. The fur jacket wasn't good at all... It as way to big! And all the god dresses where finished when it was my turn to go in. And the skirt that I wanted was finished in black in my size. BUT, I got the white skirt instead, and it's really pretty. And I also got a pair of tights. I'm going there again later to see if they have the black skirt. Because I went to the smaller H&M and I guess that they had less clothes. So I will go the the other one after 13, becayse that's when they open the collection for everyone.

The funny part was that they only let 20 persons at the time to go in. And everyone got their own "personal shopper". And we just had to tell them what we wanted and they got everything for us :). It was pretty fun haha

Did You buy anything from the collection?


Lanvin for H&M

After personal design I went to my friend for dinner. And we also watched New Moon, drank wine and we made some knitting. Cred's to me!

8 hours until they open the H&M store. And I don't know how early people are going to line up outside the store. But I'm not going there earlier than 07! No way! And I know that I will get the things I want.

This is what I will look for:

Click here to see the whole Lanvin for H&M collection!


22 November, 2010

Todays wish outfit

I have 1 hours break until Personal Design, so I'm blogging from school.
These garments are a must have in my closet! GIVE ME!

Top Dion Lee, Pants Sass & Bide, Bag Alexander Wang, Jacket Alexander McQueen, Shoes Jimmy Choo

All the garments are from Net-a-porter


21 November, 2010


I just got home from some shopping. It's starting to get cold and I need some winter clothes. So I bought a cardigan and some knitted tights.

Yesterday I bought the dress for my birthday. It's kind of 50's style and it's really nice. I'm so happy!
You know that I found it a few days ago but I had to wait with buying it until yesterday. And yesterday when I went to Zara it was finished. They only had the same dress but in beige. And it wasn't really pretty. Not as the black one!
So I asked if they had in another Zara store. And they said that it should be if they aren't finished.
So me and my friends went there to find it. And they had it! I was so happy. And now it's mine! Yaaaay! Lucky me!
Now I just have to find a belt and a pair of shoes!

Price €50

What do you think?


20 November, 2010

My wish

Mom, dad...
I would be soooo happy if You got me ALL of this :)
Thank You.

Blouse Alice by Temperley, Shoes Christian Louboutin, Gloves Burberry, Shorts Alice by Temperley and Cardigan Alcie by Temperley

Your daughter,

Lanvin for H&M Couture show

Don't You Love it?!

I know that I do!


LANVIN FOR H&M – THE "HAUTE COUTURE" SHOW from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo.



G & M M

Two wonderful campaigns by Gucci and Miu Miu

Aren't they amazing?!


I'm once again a Redhead!

Talk about bad updating!

I went to the hairdresser and colored my hair... I'm a redhead again! But I like it, it looks really nice. And I also cut my hair, wich I also like.

Anyways... I got homw really late yesterday. Me and my friend watched 5 episodes of True Blood, so we're now finished with season 2!

I'm going to a vintage market here in Milano. I also have to buy the dress for my birthday and some fabrics for materials technology!

1 week left for my birthday party! (But almost 2 week until my birthday)

Have a nice rainy day!


19 November, 2010

I wanna do bad things with you

Knitting class was really nice today... I even got compliments from the 'guy-lover teacher'. Which surprised me a lot! But she said that my things looked good and she also like the combination of the colors. Creds to me! Yay!

Anyways... I had to buy some things for Personal Design and Technical Drawing, so I skiped italian class. But I have to go to a few more stores to get all the material, because everything that I need is kind of finished! Hate!

And I just got home from Victoria. We had a True Blood marathon (only 3 episodes)... But(!) we will continue tomorrow!

(Don't you think that Alexander Skarsgård look amazing?... Bite me!)

Tomorrow... (or should I say in a few hours?)...:
Knitlab and Technical Drawing

Bouna notte

17 November, 2010

3 hours of sh*t

This is Pina Menichelli, Francesca Bertini and Lyda Borelli... I guess.

When I say that todays Cineforum was 3 hours of shit, I really mean it!
Can you imagine sitting on a uncomfortable chair for 3 hours and just watch a hideous movie?!
I will tell you what: THIS WAS THE WORST CLASS EVER!
Really! I can not believe that I woke early up for that class.
Anyways, I will tell you what the movie was about.

1. It wasn't even a real movie. It was a 1 hour and 20 minutes long "movie" with hundreds of scenes from movies from early 19th century.
2. Pina Menichelli, Francesca Bertini and Lyda Borell; Hideous actresses and such divas! And really not good looking! And I think all of them are the same person (weird)
3. It was in black and white
4. No sound! Just terrible classical music

Am I supposed to stand all that at the same time?!
Please God be with me during this class!

Fashionshow Analysis
These 3 hours where long, but fine! I like this class and the teacher is really funny. We didn't do very much today. She was just talking about Menswear, culture, religions and traditions.
I still don't know what we will do during class. So I will tell you more about that after next lesson.



OK! I just had my first "real" Macarons.
There is a french store here in Milano that sell Macarons...

I never new that they where THIS good! I'm kind of still chocked hahaha

Pretty amazing stuff right there.

And I found the perfect dress for my birthday! From Zara... But I still have to try it. Kind of 50's style. And black of course! :)

Later: Cineforum and Fashionshow Analysis


Get the look

Expansive: Dress A.L.C., Bag Alexander Wang, Pants J Brand, Shoes Gucci
Everything is from Net-a-porter

Cheap: Bag Zara, Pants H&M, Shoes Zara, Knitted sweater BikBok, Belt H&M

Bouna notte

16 November, 2010


I just got home from italian class... You know what? I've learned a lot this year. I think it's because my class is repeating last year.
And today was amazing... The teacher was soooo impressed about me. I just knew everything, really weird. But I'm glad that I'm finally starting to learn!

And another thing. My mother is in Turkey, visiting her parents, and she will bring a lot of nice fabrics for me. THEY ARE CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!



F*cking Italians!

People really sholdn't mess with me! Especially when I'm hungry!

It's raining... I don't mind it, I love it acctually.
I'm waiting for the tram, it doesn't come. I'm waiting for almost 30 minutes, and still no show up! Instead there is a car coming and driving as fast as he could, IN THE WATER! So every single drop flies up at me!
And guess what?! I didn't only happened once, it happened TWICE!
What's their problem?! Really??

The thing is, it is kind of funny. But at that time it wasn't. So I didn't go to school. I went home and made something to eat.

F*ck that!

A pissed of Rumija

What's My Name?

I LOVE her!


Bouna notte

15 November, 2010

Sex On The Beach

I love this song! Makes me go crazy in the clubs. Why? Maybe because I always drink Sex on the beach! Haha


This week!

I'm starting to hate my life... And you know what? School haven't started yet!


Swedish(?) Night at Just Cavalli Club