08 October, 2010


I didn't have anything to do, so I just Googled myself to see what's coming up. Besides all wierd things that comes up I also saw some old things.

I've already told you a little about me and my friends project in school, Scnd Generation. There are still a few articles about that. So I thought that you can see them. It is a bit fun to read and see we said. And my thoughts about the future. And I know it is in swedish, but sorry, it is too much to translate. Just try to translate it on google or something. Or if you're not happy with that, I will just translate everything. So tell me what you want.

I have a few articles from some news papers. And also a few clips from tv, I will look for them so I can show you. But I'm not sure if there is any left now. It was a long time ago.

For now, enjoy the things I have!

On the pictures are the designers of Scnd Generation; Micolle Rogersten, Maja-Lisa Bekken, Richard Kempe, Emma Samuelsson and Me.

I love looking at pictures from when I was younger. And these articles are really funny to read.

Bouna notte

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