07 October, 2010


I just moved in to my apartment.
It is a two-floor apartment close to were I lived last year. The price is higher than the other one but it's better also. And at least I now live with two other students. One of them is from Marangoni. So that is also good.

My room is a bit small. But I spend the day with Victoria and we tried to change the place of the furniture so more things can fit in there. And we did it! It feels much bigger than before. And what I like about the room is that the ceiling is leaning, so there is a window on it. It's hard to explain, but I will try to take some good pictures.

We had an introduction at school today. I guess IED will be better now. They are adding a lot of new things to make it easier for the students to work at school. They also said that they will try to get a better connection to the students and so on. And that is like WOW... I mean, for IED.

I have to eat now, because I'm starving!


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