14 October, 2010

Grafik Design

There is not much to say about this class yet. It was more 2 hours of watching different logos. The teacher showed us logos and he explained what's good and bad with it.

We also had to make on logo by hand. We had 10 min to start something and then explain the idea. One logo that represents yourself or one that represents your family.

What I did was that I wrote my name and I made a stitchingline around it. And behind the name there are some patterns, clothing patterns. That was my idea. It wasn't that good, but I couldn't think of something else in that moment.

We got a homework for next week. We have to create a fake comany and then make a logo for it.
But there is a problem. We are supposed to work in computers and we have to bring the computer to class. I mean, I can bring my computer, that is not a problem. But the problem is that I don't have any program so I can work properly. I don't have photoshop or illustration in my computer anymore.

I have to figure it out for next class.

I have to go to school again for Italian class.


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