11 October, 2010

20 hours

Hello readers!

I bought a gym card last week. So I just got home from my first gym pass. I didn't do a lot. Just running and regular stuff. But I'm looking forward to Pilates and Yoga. I've never done Pilates, but I've heard that it's really tough. Yoga is the bst thing ever. I did it a lot in Sweden also when I had a gym card.
The good thing about teh gym is that it's open in 20 hours a day. That is really good for a student. And it was cheap also!

I have Italian exam tomorrow. The exam will show how good we are so the school can divide the students into different levels and classes. My italian is not good at all, so I probably going to be in the lowest class hahaha. But it's fine, I just hope that I will try harder this year. My goal is to learn Italian until second year if finished!

I have to eat and take a shower now.
I will probably update later.


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