18 September, 2010

Tell me if I'm wrong

I have some things that I have to say. Tell me if you disagree. Ofcourse everybody doesn't feel the way I feel. But I think that most of the fashion students and designers agree.

Alright, let's start!
Versace, how is that even a label? The clothes are tacky, they look like shit and I wouldn't wear it even if I got it for free. The pictures I've got here are from the last Resort collection. You might think that I exaggerate, but I'm serious.
The bad thing is when the good designers are leaving and lenft are the new designers that doesn't really do a good job. I wonder if people even like their stuff.
Maybe there are some things in their collection that is nice, but mostley not.

What do you think about Versace? Is it as bad as I say it is or is it worse/better?

Take care


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