14 September, 2010

McQueen, Armani and meat

Lady Gaga in VMA 2010. Her Alexander McQueen outfit was AMAZING! And I must say, she looked great. I loved that she wasn't as crazy as she always is. Love!

Her second look is the leather draped dress from Armani. Even if the dress is a bit crazy with the "Madonna a la 90's"- chest, she looks amazing here also!

Well, the meat. The dress is made by Franc Fernandez. I bet that if the dress was in fabric, it would look great. But it looks kind of good in meat also. I love that the meat gived the dress a wierd kind of "print" feeling.

And last, her hair. Gray hair with some blue in it. I loved it! I think she looked really good in that hair. Long, wavy hair.

I would say that her look for that evening was amazing, I expected less pretty and more crazy from her. And now she combined this to perfectly!

All pictures are from mtv.com


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