13 September, 2010

I have a dream...

my dream is to achive something that would make me proud of myself. Something that would prove my improvement. It maybe not be as perfect as I hoped for, but it is enough to make me happy as I am.
Nothing that I do for pleasing other people.
It may sound selfish when I say it, but why live a life that pleases others than yourself.
Is it a bad thing to care about what other people think? Is it really that bad?
And maybe life is not just about become something...
Why do we always have to prove that we are something, we always care about what other people think.

Are all your actions your own decision? Does it make you happy? Have you every done anything bad to make yourself feel better... And what is right and who decides what's wrong in life? How do you know that you've done the right thing, gone the right way and taken the right decesion?
Will we ever know?

There are so many thoughts in my head and I don't know what to do about them.

My dream, when do I know that it have come true. Is it when I feel like I'm living a dream or is it when I've got it confirmed from other people that I can start living my dream.
We always need to receive a confirmation to know that we've done it right.

Do you always follow you're heart or do you follow others words?

Do you know what...? I'm longing for freedom and the feeling of just being me.

Pictures from my visit in Oslo. They represent: freedom, love and tenderness.

Bouna notte

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