28 September, 2010


Hi! I forgot to tell you that I'm in Milano now.
I arrived at 20 to the hotel. I can't belive that school starts in almost 1 week. It's crazy how time goes fast.

I usually don't wake up this early, but I had to eat breakfast with my mom.

Now: Shopping!

Have a nice day.


27 September, 2010

1 question...

...from Terese.
I'm just going to write in swedish this time.

Here is her question(in swedish):
Heej, hamnade pa din blogg och sag att du bor i Milano. Jag har precis flyttat hit och ska plugga Italienska fram till jul. Funderar sen pa att plugga ngt i Italien i var. Ar det svart att komma in pa skolor i Italien? Trivs du? Jobbar du vid sidan av? Det finns en fotokurs pa IED har jag for mig som verkar sa spannande!

My answer(in swedish):
Hej! Välkommen till min blogg. Att komma in på skolor i Italien är inte så svårt. Det gäller att söka till skolan tidigt. Jag trivs jätte bra. Även om skolan inte är den bästa, så gör jag det bästa av det. Det gäller att se bort från allt som är dåligt och vara positiv. Det är så jag har klarat mig. Jag jobbar inte. Jag har ingen tid till det. Som student vill jag kunna leva ett bra studentliv utan att behöva jobba. Jag får CSN lån och det klarar jag mig med utan problem. Jag tycker verkligen att du ska satsa på det om du verkligen vill. Men försök att kolla andra skolor än IED. Kolla olika skolor och välj det som passar dig bäst. Försök att besöka skolorna för att kunna få en bild av hur skolan är.
Lycka till!


Dolce & Gabbana

Thank You God for this amazing designers. This collection is more than love! I don't even have words for it. The only thing I can say is WOW!


26 September, 2010


Final day in Sweden... I'm still packing my bags. It's taking a while!

This is my room right now

I'm bringing a book from high school with me. It's a patternmaking book. This is the book that tought me everything I know today... And of course the teachers.

Have fun in Sweden! I'm going back to Milano.

Ciao ciao

25 September, 2010


I really wouldn't mind to add these shoes to my shoe collection. I mean, WOW! God! This is love!


Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

While cleaning my room and packing my bags, I thought it would be a good idea to put (almost) all my shoes on the floor and pick out my favorites.

Here are my shoe "collection".

And here are my favorites. My own top 3.

Number 3 is a the pair of shoes that I bought this summer in Gothenburg. I really think they are perfect for summer/fall. Good for school and party! But I havn't used them yet, I hope they are comfortable. Ant they might be me new number 1.

Number 2 is my first pair of shoes that I bought in Milano. I really love them and I've used them a lot. And belive me, they are one of my most comfortable shoes.

And last...
My number 1 shoes. These shoes are the best shoes I've ever bought. I bought them in Milano in a store called Bagatt. They are sooooo comfortable and they are the shoes that I wear the most.

I hope you like them!


24 September, 2010

Prada Spring 2011

I went through all the pictures, over and over again to find the best outfits. And it took me a long time to deside what's good and bad according to me. It was easier to find things that I didn't like than things that I like.

These outfits are really bad, even if they aren't as bad as I say, they are boring. And the same outfits came over and over again but in different colours and prints. I wouldn't call that a nice collection. It's more like a colourpalette.

Here are the good outfits in the collection.

And these are the bad ones.

Go to style.com and look at the whole collection and tell me what you think?


23 September, 2010

To cheer us up... Here are some nice outfits from Milano fashion week.

Alberta Ferretti

Francesco Scognamiglio

So Freaking nice collections!!!


Quick update

Well, all I can say about the Prada show i: nice shoes. The collection wasn't good at all. The clothes where to boring.

I hoped for a good collection, but it wasn't.

I will put some pictures later.


Prada Spring 2011

Working and I will follow the Prada show live at www.style.com

Thank God for that!

For You who wont see the show, I will update with some pictures from it later.


22 September, 2010

More fashion week

From London, Burberry Prorsum

Julien Macdonald

Not only do I love the clothes, I also love the second model, she really looks amazing!

It makes me longing for spring again!

Until then... I guess I have to content with looking at the new clothes.

Pictures from style.com


Heavenly dress

I don't have any words for this dress.


This dress can be bought at www.net-a-porter.com

I will update with some new Milano fashion. Fashion week Milano have started. Wohoo!


21 September, 2010

Thumbs up for Matthew Williamson and Vera Wangs Spring 2011 collection!

More fashion like that!


19 September, 2010


Here is a picture from my friends birthdayparty a few weeks ago. I love this picture. There are so many things going on.



Here is one of my favorite blogs. This one is awsome! It's so funny to see all the mistakes that people make. And how can't the companies notice that somethings wrong? Haha, see for yourself!




Miu Miu and Louboutins

Yes we like Miu Miu!

And Yes we LOVE Louboutin!

We loves shoes, don't we!



Today is the parliamentary elections in Sweden so I woke up early to wote!

I like democracy!


18 September, 2010

Bake, bake and bake

Some late night snack. Swedish chocolateballs.

Here is the recipe:
4,5 dl oatmeal
1,5 dl sugar
150gram margarine
0,5 dl cocoa
1 tea spoon vanilla
2 tea spoons coffee

Mix the oatmeal with the sugar and cocoa. Let the margarine soften and mix it with the reast of the ingridiens. Roll the dough to small balls and then roll it in the coconut. Let it cool down and serv.



Tell me if I'm wrong

I have some things that I have to say. Tell me if you disagree. Ofcourse everybody doesn't feel the way I feel. But I think that most of the fashion students and designers agree.

Alright, let's start!
Versace, how is that even a label? The clothes are tacky, they look like shit and I wouldn't wear it even if I got it for free. The pictures I've got here are from the last Resort collection. You might think that I exaggerate, but I'm serious.
The bad thing is when the good designers are leaving and lenft are the new designers that doesn't really do a good job. I wonder if people even like their stuff.
Maybe there are some things in their collection that is nice, but mostley not.

What do you think about Versace? Is it as bad as I say it is or is it worse/better?

Take care



I bought some new things from H&M today. I love the new things they've got.
Do you know what's surprises me all the time? You know all the low-price "labels", the quality of their clothes gets worse and worse all the time and the prices are getting higher. And with H&M is it the oppsite. I mean, the quality is not the bests but it's better than most of the low-price stores. And the worst store I have to say is Zara. To bad... Because their clothes are really nice!

This is the skirt. The price is €29.

I have to write about some labels. Some big labels that I hate. Not hate, but dislike..
But that for tomorrow.
For now:

Bouna notte

16 September, 2010


I am a bit disappointed about my italian. When I started school I thought that I would speak fluent italian by the end of the first year. But it was harder than I thought. A lot harder actually!
The italian grammar, the way of speaking... yeah well, everything is hard about the italian language!
The 4 hours that we get in school is really not good. I've learned a lot, but not enough. And I have to say that Milanese people are a bit cold to non italians. And for me who is a bit shy, it's just getting worse.
I really hope that I learn italian soon. I have to speak italian before christmas, that is my plan.
For the third year we have to speak it. Because some of the lessons will be in italian.

So... Good luck to me!


14 September, 2010

McQueen, Armani and meat

Lady Gaga in VMA 2010. Her Alexander McQueen outfit was AMAZING! And I must say, she looked great. I loved that she wasn't as crazy as she always is. Love!

Her second look is the leather draped dress from Armani. Even if the dress is a bit crazy with the "Madonna a la 90's"- chest, she looks amazing here also!

Well, the meat. The dress is made by Franc Fernandez. I bet that if the dress was in fabric, it would look great. But it looks kind of good in meat also. I love that the meat gived the dress a wierd kind of "print" feeling.

And last, her hair. Gray hair with some blue in it. I loved it! I think she looked really good in that hair. Long, wavy hair.

I would say that her look for that evening was amazing, I expected less pretty and more crazy from her. And now she combined this to perfectly!

All pictures are from mtv.com


Hello sunshines

I've got my CSN-loan now. I know for sure CSN will give loans to the students that already goes in IED, but for the new students, I don't know. It is a pity for students that want to apply to the IED schools, and wont get the loan. But it's also good in a way. IED might do something now and try harder to make it to a good school. Until then, we just have to endure with what the schools has to offer.

And lucky me! The Euro is low now, the school fee gets lower in swedish kr. And the differens from the first fee I had to pay is pretty big.

That's it for today!


13 September, 2010

I have a dream...

my dream is to achive something that would make me proud of myself. Something that would prove my improvement. It maybe not be as perfect as I hoped for, but it is enough to make me happy as I am.
Nothing that I do for pleasing other people.
It may sound selfish when I say it, but why live a life that pleases others than yourself.
Is it a bad thing to care about what other people think? Is it really that bad?
And maybe life is not just about become something...
Why do we always have to prove that we are something, we always care about what other people think.

Are all your actions your own decision? Does it make you happy? Have you every done anything bad to make yourself feel better... And what is right and who decides what's wrong in life? How do you know that you've done the right thing, gone the right way and taken the right decesion?
Will we ever know?

There are so many thoughts in my head and I don't know what to do about them.

My dream, when do I know that it have come true. Is it when I feel like I'm living a dream or is it when I've got it confirmed from other people that I can start living my dream.
We always need to receive a confirmation to know that we've done it right.

Do you always follow you're heart or do you follow others words?

Do you know what...? I'm longing for freedom and the feeling of just being me.

Pictures from my visit in Oslo. They represent: freedom, love and tenderness.

Bouna notte

12 September, 2010

Cheap vs Expensive

This is exactly what I want to wear right now!

Coat from Sonia Rykiel
Shoes from Alïa
Dress from Halston

Coat from Rick Owens
Cardigan from Rick Owens
Shoes from Elizabeth and James

Jacket from H&M
Dress from H&M
Boots from H&M

Blouse from H&M
Shorts from H&M
Shoes from Newlook.com
Bag from Newlook.com

I always say, it doesn't matter if it's expensive or cheap, as long as it looks nice I don't care about the price!

Expensive thing doesn't always have to look good, just because people are wearing designers clothes that doesn't mean that they are "fashion", sometimes it even looks bad! Learn how to combine cheap and expensive to get your own style.


Here are my new shoes.


09 September, 2010

My blazer

This is my blazer that I bought the other day... The store is gina tricot and I mean, the quality is not the best, but I probably wont use it for so long. The price is €39. Pretty good for blazer. Why I bought it was because I don't have anything similar. And I love the shoulders!

Pictures of the shoes, tomorrow!

Hello everyone. Sorry for a really bad update. I havn't got any time to update. It's not much left until I go back to Milano. I can't wait! I've missed the people and the city alot. I mean, I havn't done anything here during the whole summer. And I love going to school. I love to study!

I've got a pair of high heels from my sister. I will show you some pictures of them later and I've bought a blazer with amazing shoulders! Love!

I will tell you more later.


04 September, 2010


Camilla Skovgaard. Lovely shoes from a great shoe-designer!
The prices for the shoes are somewhere between €250-450.

Love Love Love


02 September, 2010


Have you heard the news? LANVIN FOR H&M!!!!!!!
I'm so happy! I hope the collection is good.