21 August, 2010

Short hair, cross and shopping

Well, my hair is short. Not really short, but shorter. 10 cm shorter. It wasn't ment to get that short, but the hair dresser and I missunderstood eachother.

I've got my favourite jewelry. I dont like wearing big necklaces and earing for everyday, but these are PERFECT!
I bought them from a store named Lindex, a swedish "brand". It's like H&M, but for grown ups. I dont have pictures of them right now, but I will take some pictures of them. But the necklace is like three necklaces in one and there are skulls and crosses haning on it, the earing is just a big cross. Both the necklace and the earings was on sale, the price wasn't more than €2 each. WOW!

Tomorrow: Gothenburg for some shopping! Not much clothes, just more shoes!

Bouna notte

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