26 August, 2010

IED- insufficent

I talked to a friend of mine about the CSN-loans that I'm/swedish students are taking. We've heard that CSN are going to stop giving student loans to new IED students. Their reason is that the school isn't really classified as a good school. I agree with them and luckily they will still give loans to the students that already goes to the school.

I mean, if I had the possibility to change school, I would. It feels wierd to change after going 1 year in a school. Fine, it's not the best school, but as long as I see that I improve in that I want, then I'm fine with that.
I really don't complain on the teachers, they are really good. It's just the organization of the school management that is literally SHIT!
But I still think it's bad that they wont give any loans to the students because they don't think the school is good enough. There are a lot of students that really need the loans to be able to study to whatever they dream of. It's a pity that the school doesn't get better with every year. They just get worse and worse, so I've heard.
The price for the school is getting higher and higher for every year. But don't you think it's a bit wierd since the standard of the school still remains?

If you are a future fashion student, think of different possibilities. Think long enough until you find the school that is perfect for YOU! Bigger schools are often worse than the smaller ones. Even if Milano, Paris and New York sound good and "WOW", that doesn't mean that the school will be better than a school in other not "famous" fashion city.

Big decisions to make before choosing. A lot of thinking and anxiety. Don't be quick with your decisions. And try to visit the schools before choosing the one!

And when do you know that it's right? You don't... You will notice later on what's right for you.


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