11 August, 2010

Ciao tutti!

I made cup cakes yesterday. My mother told me to make them. She even told me to put a lot of chocolate in them also, wich is chocking!
Here is a picture of them :)

I've been buying a lot of things for my apartment in Milano. Some cute things from H&M online shop. They where on sale also!
Here are some things that I bought.

Gray plaid, was €39, now €19
Leopard print Duvet sets, was €19, now €9
Bow pillowcase, was €5, now €1
Leopard print bath towel, was €15, now €8

And much more!

I also got some bobbin lace from my mother, exactly the kind of lace that I want. Lets see what I can make from it! I cant wait to get started with tailoring!
Here is the fabric:

One more thing, I've been going to the gym. I feel so proud hahahaha

Alright, that's it!


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