31 August, 2010

Give me

Here are 4 "give me" outfits from H&M.

Did you know that you can make your own outfits at H&M.com? Go to H&M.com and click on Fashion and then fashion studio. It's really fun!


27 August, 2010

To Sanna

I've got a question from a girl named Sanna. I will write the question and answer both in swedish and english.

Hej! Jag har fuderingar på att läsa inredingsarkitektur på just IED i Milano nästa år och är lite nyfiken på vad du tycker om skolan och om den är något du skulle rekomendera. Jag kommer i såfall att läsa den ettåriga intensiv-kursen. Har förstått att skolan håller ett högt tempo och att det är ganska krävande kurser, har du haft tidigare erfarenheter av ämnet du läser eller klarar man sig som nybörjare? MVH Sanna.

Hi! I have thoughts about study interialdesign in IED Milano next year and I'm curious about what you think about the school and if you would recommend it. In that case I will study the 1-year course. What I've understood, the school keep a high tempo and it's demanding. Have you had previous experience of the subject before starting or do you manage as a beginner? Sanna

Hej Sanna! Just inredningsarkitektur är i en annan IED skola, men jag har hört att den skolan är bättre och mer seriös. Det finns tre olika IED skolor i Milano med olika inriktningar.
Det jag kan säga om skolan är att den inte har en bra skolledning. Ingen bra organisation. Jag menar, eftersom vi är vana vid svenska skolor och deras perfekta system så blir skillnaden mellan IED och svenska skolor väldigt stor. Jag försöker se bort ifrån att skolan är skit. Lärarna i Moda lab(mode skolan) är väldigt bra och om jag inte hade märkt att jag blivit bättre och lär mig något hade jag slutat. Därför har jag valt att skita i att tänka på skolsystemet. Man blir väldigt arg pga deras brist på kommunikation mellan skola och elev/lärare. Men det är viktigt att ha viljan till att bli något för att klara sig igenom.
Just den ettåriga kursen är väldigt jobbig(har jag hört). Det är ett väldigt högt tempo och man hinner inte lära sig allt i den takt som man borde. Man stressar ofta igenom alla ämnen och resultatet blir inte alltid så bra som man har tänkt sig. Om jag va du, skulle jag gå ett år i taget. Du får lära dig allt i rätt takt och utan stress.

Lycka till nu!

Hi Sanna! The interialdesign school is in another IED-school, but I've heard that that school is better and more seroius. There are three different IED schools in Milano with different directions.
What I can say about the school is that the management of the school is really bad. I mean, because we are used to the swedish system the difference between swedish schools and IED get much bigger. I'm trying to not think about the shitty school. The teachers in Moda lab(the fashion part) are really good and if I didn't see any improvement in what I do, I wouldn't continue in IED. That's why I've stopped thinking about the schoolsystem.
You get really angry because of the lack of communication between school and student/teacher. So it's very important to keep the will up to be able to become what you want.
The one-year course is really tough(so I've heard). The tempo is very high and you wont learn it in the pace you need. They rush through the courses and the outcome isn't as good as it should/could be. If I where in your place, I would choose the 3 year course and go one year at time. It's easier and you will lear everything without stress.

Good luck!

If you have more questions just ask me!


26 August, 2010

Have you noticed....?

Have you noticed Jessica Simpsons shoe collections? She shoes are sooooooo nice! There are some of them that I really want! They are not really expensive. The prices are between €70-100, some of them are more and some of them less.

Another amazing shoedesigner is Jeffrey Campbell. WOW WOW WOW!


IED- insufficent

I talked to a friend of mine about the CSN-loans that I'm/swedish students are taking. We've heard that CSN are going to stop giving student loans to new IED students. Their reason is that the school isn't really classified as a good school. I agree with them and luckily they will still give loans to the students that already goes to the school.

I mean, if I had the possibility to change school, I would. It feels wierd to change after going 1 year in a school. Fine, it's not the best school, but as long as I see that I improve in that I want, then I'm fine with that.
I really don't complain on the teachers, they are really good. It's just the organization of the school management that is literally SHIT!
But I still think it's bad that they wont give any loans to the students because they don't think the school is good enough. There are a lot of students that really need the loans to be able to study to whatever they dream of. It's a pity that the school doesn't get better with every year. They just get worse and worse, so I've heard.
The price for the school is getting higher and higher for every year. But don't you think it's a bit wierd since the standard of the school still remains?

If you are a future fashion student, think of different possibilities. Think long enough until you find the school that is perfect for YOU! Bigger schools are often worse than the smaller ones. Even if Milano, Paris and New York sound good and "WOW", that doesn't mean that the school will be better than a school in other not "famous" fashion city.

Big decisions to make before choosing. A lot of thinking and anxiety. Don't be quick with your decisions. And try to visit the schools before choosing the one!

And when do you know that it's right? You don't... You will notice later on what's right for you.


25 August, 2010

I've booked my tickets back to Milano. I'm going back 27 sept and my mother is coming with me. It's the first time she's visiting me in Milano. But she's just staying for a few days.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes


Black peep toe pumps, €20
Black and white printed pumps, €23
Green suede ankle boots, €22
Beige suede wedges, €27


Grey ankle boots, €30
Black pumps, €35
Black ankle wedges, €30
Black wedges, €40


Lanvin, €1295
Gucci, €650
Jimmy Choo, €980
Yves Saint Laurent, €695

SHoes are pure love!


22 August, 2010

I'm back and I'm tired!... That's not it, I'm also baby sitting my nephew. Lucky me!

I didn't buy very much from Gothenburg yesterday. 2 pair of shoes and a dress.
The dress is just a simple gray knitted dress with embroidery at the top. On pair of canvas shoes and at last a pair of heels. I LOVE them!
What do you think?

After the shopping I went to Liseberg wich is a amusement park in Gothenburg. There are "fortune wheels" where you can win chocolate and candy. This is what I won. And the second picture is what my family, my uncles family and another family won together.

And this is my nephew!

That's it!


21 August, 2010

Short hair, cross and shopping

Well, my hair is short. Not really short, but shorter. 10 cm shorter. It wasn't ment to get that short, but the hair dresser and I missunderstood eachother.

I've got my favourite jewelry. I dont like wearing big necklaces and earing for everyday, but these are PERFECT!
I bought them from a store named Lindex, a swedish "brand". It's like H&M, but for grown ups. I dont have pictures of them right now, but I will take some pictures of them. But the necklace is like three necklaces in one and there are skulls and crosses haning on it, the earing is just a big cross. Both the necklace and the earings was on sale, the price wasn't more than €2 each. WOW!

Tomorrow: Gothenburg for some shopping! Not much clothes, just more shoes!

Bouna notte

16 August, 2010

Old things

I looked back for some pictures from high school. I saw a few pictures from the fashion show that my class made.

This picture is of my bridal dress that I did the last year. And this is before the dress is all done.

This picture is from the fashionshow, we had to make a collection with inspiration from a celebrity and I made a collection "for" Eva Longoria. Here is one of the outfits.

The last dress is from my high school graduate.

I have more pictures of the bridal dress that I made, I just have to find them!


11 August, 2010

Ciao tutti!

I made cup cakes yesterday. My mother told me to make them. She even told me to put a lot of chocolate in them also, wich is chocking!
Here is a picture of them :)

I've been buying a lot of things for my apartment in Milano. Some cute things from H&M online shop. They where on sale also!
Here are some things that I bought.

Gray plaid, was €39, now €19
Leopard print Duvet sets, was €19, now €9
Bow pillowcase, was €5, now €1
Leopard print bath towel, was €15, now €8

And much more!

I also got some bobbin lace from my mother, exactly the kind of lace that I want. Lets see what I can make from it! I cant wait to get started with tailoring!
Here is the fabric:

One more thing, I've been going to the gym. I feel so proud hahahaha

Alright, that's it!


09 August, 2010

sunny days...

...are over. And I'm enjoying the rain. So here are some summer pictures.

My friend Maria had her birthday party yesterday. We drank, danced and ate a lot of cake! :)

Lovely shoes from www.solestruck.com, check them out! The shoes from Jeffrey Campbell are AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


03 August, 2010


1 month and 5kg later...
Yes, 5kg more in 1 month. I don't know how and when, but my clothes doesn't fit me anymore.

From Oslo to Linköping, to Stockholm and back to Linköping again. I went to Stockholm for a few days. And now I'm back, back to reality.

Some funny pictures from Oslo:


The Opera house