29 June, 2010

Summer break

I'm home in Sweden. I havn't got any time to write since I went back home. Anyways... I'm here now and I will stay here until October.
One day in the beach and I got burned. But I wont complain. I'm happy that it's sunny.

The Textile design and Tailoring exam went very good. Both of the teachers like the presentation and what I presented. I'm also very happy. After the presentation The teachers asked what I think I deserv as a grade. And I told them that I deserv at least 28/30. Because I know that I am good in that subject but I'm not perfect yet. The teachers said that they agree with me, but I dont know if they changed the grade. They said that I would get at least 28/30, so I hope I got more.

For next year do I have to pay the enrolement fee which is €1200 before 30 July to keep the same fee as last year. If I dont pay it on time I have to pay extra later.
Every year does the fee go up, which I dont understand why, because the school doesn't get much better. Hahaha
Tution fee for me is €8700/year. And I get a student loan to pay the fee.


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