01 June, 2010

She don't want the world

... by 3 doors down. Listen to that song, please. I love that song. And for some reason I get sad while listening to it.

Really bad update... Sorry for that.
One busy week in Frankfurt...
Monday: V. and I arrived in frankfurt hahn at 13 and it took us almost 2 hours to get to frankfurt am main. My cousins that we where staying at lives in Butzbach, so from frankfurt we took the train to butzbach.
That day didn't we do very much. We went to Mc donalds. They have the best thing ever there. Frappe with strawberry and chocolate cake. AMAZING! hahaha

Tuesday: We met up my sister in the trainstation in frankfurt. We went for some shopping and I bought one maxi dress. Really nice... Back home to butzbach and get ready to go to frankfurt again and watch William Fitzsimmons. We got there 50 min to late because the train had problems. But it wasn't a problem... The conster started 55 min to late. haha! Talk about being lucky!

Wednesday: Shopping in Primark. I already showed a bit from that day... I was expecting it to be bigger. But it was fine. One bad thing is that the shoes are not enough... They didn't have any nice shoes... From primark to Starbucks. From Starbucks late to the station. My sister where supposed to leave, but she missed the bus, so we had to take her to the airport by car and it took us 1.45h.

Thursday: fashion drawing all day.

Friday: My cousin took us to Frankfurt. We went to a spanish bar. Really nice place and the bartender was flirting with me haha! Good looking was he also! Woop woop! We didn't stay there for a long time. We went to a shisha bar. We smoked shisha and drank some drinks. Time: 02,30. And then off to KFC! First time for me. It was good. No wait, it was GOOD! :) Fordessert: Ben&Jerrys Chocolate fudge brownie.

Saturday: More fashion drawing. Later to Cocoon Club. Pretty amazing club. Inside the club is amazing that the music was really good! A bit expensive... We payed €15 to get in and no drinks included haha... I'm used to pay €15 and get 1 or 2 drinks. And the worst thing is that their drinks tastes like juice. There is no alcohol in it! Bad bad bad!

Sunday: BBQ with min cousins. FOOOOOOOD! God, it was good! We went to se Sex and the city 2. I liked it a lot. The fashion was AMAZING! I loved it. I like SATC 2 better than SATC 1. It was too much wedding in it.

Monday: Didn't do very much. We went to take the bus from frankfurt at 17. We just stayed at home and relaxed before going.

So... what did I think about the week?

I LOVED IT! It was perfect and I really needed to go away from school, Milano and everything.

Today: I've made 6 drawings and I have a few more to do. On thursday is the fashiondrawing exam.


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