07 June, 2010

I went to school to get the grade for fashion drawing. It was a bit surprising. I got 23/30. And for some reason I thought I was going to fail. I'm really proud of myself and my improvement. But I know that I could have done much better. If I just have spent more time with it. I think that I could have got 24 or 25. My flats wasn't really good, and it's really important to make good flats. I couldn't even do the flats good because the last week I've just been doing a lot of flats and the last day while doing them I was shaking so much. And I never put swimwear and underwear. I din't have time and I did one swimwear but it didn't look good, so I didn't put it in.
Anyways, it's over now. And I'm happy. It's just History of fashion and Textile design left.

I don't know what to say really. It was amazing. It's like a dream world. I've seen many movies about people going to Venice, but I never thought that it would be like that irl. I loved it, it was so beautiful, exactly like in movies. Even better!
Do you know what they have there?! Instead of busses they have big boats, and instead of taxis they have boat taxis! Isn't that crazy?! Imagine living there and going to school by boat instead of bus. It's like a dream world! And it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. To be a turist and live in a hotel its expensive, but living there and eat out and everything, it's not that expensive. Apartments are a lot cheaper than Milano.
Well, I loved it! I enjoyed it a lot. Cant wait to go there again. And next time I'm going there I will stop in Verona to see the town of Romeo and Juliet.


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