29 June, 2010

Summer break

I'm home in Sweden. I havn't got any time to write since I went back home. Anyways... I'm here now and I will stay here until October.
One day in the beach and I got burned. But I wont complain. I'm happy that it's sunny.

The Textile design and Tailoring exam went very good. Both of the teachers like the presentation and what I presented. I'm also very happy. After the presentation The teachers asked what I think I deserv as a grade. And I told them that I deserv at least 28/30. Because I know that I am good in that subject but I'm not perfect yet. The teachers said that they agree with me, but I dont know if they changed the grade. They said that I would get at least 28/30, so I hope I got more.

For next year do I have to pay the enrolement fee which is €1200 before 30 July to keep the same fee as last year. If I dont pay it on time I have to pay extra later.
Every year does the fee go up, which I dont understand why, because the school doesn't get much better. Hahaha
Tution fee for me is €8700/year. And I get a student loan to pay the fee.


23 June, 2010

I get panic of just looking at my room! The thought that I'm leaving Italy on friday is killing me. I have two exams that morning before my flight. I'm still not done with all things. The tailoring stuff are not finished yet, there are just a few things left with it. I have to start witht he presentation for the textile design exam. And thats not it! I have to pack my bags, clean the room and move out.
Oh dear God, help me please! I think I wont sleep that much until friday. But that's life, isn't it?...


21 June, 2010

Moncler Gamme Bleu

Yesterdays show was pretty fun. But we were there for 6 hours before the show, and we didn't need that much time for practising. It ended up with all of us watching the World Cup.

Here are some pictures from the fashionshow.

My models:
Guilherme Klopper

Max Gaber

Runway pictures from style.com
Pictures of Guilherme Klopper from fashionmodel.it
Pictures of Max Gaber from models.com

Tomorrow: Fashion history exam
Now: keep on studying


20 June, 2010

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Its time...
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Last rehearsal...

...And it's raining.

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Hahaha crazy!!

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Moncler Gamme Bleu

I can tell you this much, this fashionshow is crazy! But I love it. Photos after the preview.

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19 June, 2010

Royal wedding

I'm watching the royal wedding of sweden. Pretty amazing!

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Costume national

The show is finished and the clothes where really nice. The bad this is that we weren't aloud to take pictures of the clothes. I will show later. Here are some backstage photos.
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18 June, 2010

Costume national

I'm in navigli eating ice cream. Waiting for the meeting in costume national spa to start. I have to be there at 18.30 for preview of the show and collection.
And earlier today I've got a phone call from Moncler. I'm a dresser for that show also.

Have a nice day.
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17 June, 2010

Back to 80's

My inspiration is Madonna. A bit sex/rock style. Maybe the italians will think that I'm a hooker, but I guess I do look like it a bit now hahaha.

Take care.
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16 June, 2010

Costume National

Hi there. No classes left means a lot of time to spend. We went to Just Cavalli for the international week. It was really fun. There where a lot of models there also. Mens fashion week is coming up. And I got a call from Costume National. I'm beeing a dresser for the fashionshow at saturday. Interesting :)


15 June, 2010

Textile design

I just finished the textile design exam. And I got the fabric that I made. Well, I did the print, and the teacher got it done. This fabric is for the puffy things for the japanese project. And its inspired by the milano project. Total cost: €20/meter.
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Give me everything!

Please! Giv it to me!

YSL, black high heels, €930
Miu Miu, black boots, €475
YSL, brown wedges, €690
Miu Miu, peep toe pumps, €400

Stella McCartney, Wool cape, €845
Burberry Prorsum, Cropped jacket, €2400
Burberry Prorsum, draped cardigan, €750
Temperley London, silk and lace tunic, €620

everything is from www.net-a-porter.com


08 June, 2010

Japanese project

I'm finally done with the whole outfit. This is it!
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07 June, 2010

I went to school to get the grade for fashion drawing. It was a bit surprising. I got 23/30. And for some reason I thought I was going to fail. I'm really proud of myself and my improvement. But I know that I could have done much better. If I just have spent more time with it. I think that I could have got 24 or 25. My flats wasn't really good, and it's really important to make good flats. I couldn't even do the flats good because the last week I've just been doing a lot of flats and the last day while doing them I was shaking so much. And I never put swimwear and underwear. I din't have time and I did one swimwear but it didn't look good, so I didn't put it in.
Anyways, it's over now. And I'm happy. It's just History of fashion and Textile design left.

I don't know what to say really. It was amazing. It's like a dream world. I've seen many movies about people going to Venice, but I never thought that it would be like that irl. I loved it, it was so beautiful, exactly like in movies. Even better!
Do you know what they have there?! Instead of busses they have big boats, and instead of taxis they have boat taxis! Isn't that crazy?! Imagine living there and going to school by boat instead of bus. It's like a dream world! And it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. To be a turist and live in a hotel its expensive, but living there and eat out and everything, it's not that expensive. Apartments are a lot cheaper than Milano.
Well, I loved it! I enjoyed it a lot. Cant wait to go there again. And next time I'm going there I will stop in Verona to see the town of Romeo and Juliet.


05 June, 2010


Hahaha a lot of pictures. But it is amazing here. This is italy! I love it!
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Its like a dream

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A bit crazy, we decided to go to venezia to have dinner. Its 1 hours from gardaland. Interesting :)

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Road trip to gardaland! Wohoooooo
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03 June, 2010


Fashion drawing exam. I don't know how it went. I think it went fine... I'm not really happy with the exam work, but the book was good. We had to rerender this picture and make a flat for it. I had problems to decide what kind of leather the top is. Eco leather or Napa, I chose Napa... but i regret that i did it. It's really hard to render Napa. So I'm not really happy with it. But I just hope that I pass. That's the important thing now.

Here is the picture. Celine Spring 2010 ready to wear. From www.style.com

What's left from school now is Fashion history and Textile design. Classes only at fridays. I have time to get a nice tan for the summer in Sweden :)

Buona notte

Second Generation

2 years ago...
3 weeks inturnship with 4 classmates. We made a collection from old clothes and fabrics. 4 weeks later- a fashionshow that we arranged.

Pictures from my friend majapunktlisa.blogspot.com

I miss that time. It was awsome!