26 May, 2010

William Fitzsimmons

I just got back from william fitzsimmons consert in frankfurt. It was great!! I really liked it and I really love his music. Before going to the consert me and my friends went for some shopping and I bought a dress. Tomorrow I will buy more things. More shoes, I need it! Haha

Anyways, the concert, it was great, and the funny part was that I went to talk to the singer and I wanted to be funny, so I was speaking english with a strong italian accent and I pretended to be italian. He even commented my strong italian accent and I couldn't stop laughing about it. He still thinks that I'm italian. But that's fine haha. It was fun. I will put a picture of us another day.

I will only update from the phone. I didn't bring my computer.

After the concert we went to a restaurant to have a glass of wine and the owners are italian. So I spoke with them. I thought I was escaping from italy. But I get guess I'm wasn't. At least we got free drinks haha.

Enough now.

Bouna notte
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