09 May, 2010

Live forever or die trying...

I've been doing drawing all day for several days now. I'm really tired and I need something else to do.

I've been working on men, for the exam book we need 15 men. I'm doing 3 outfits inspired by Sweeny Todd, Johnny Depp. So I will photoshop hit face to my drawings :). I hope it will look good.
And I'm really happy with my new woman body. Everything look so much better now.

I've started with my Project 1 outfit. The jacket I'm making is really complicated. I'm really scared that It wont be done until next friday. And I need to finish all my flats and get my book fixed.

Wednesday: I have Illustrator exam. And for that we need to bring our work that we've been doing druing class. I think mine are quite good actually.

Next weekend. Have some fun!

By the way, have you seen that Britney Spears is making a collection for Candie's? I'm looking forward to see it. I hope it's nice! And speaking if Britney, did you know that she was supposed to sing Telephone by Lady Gaga? Interesting, but not really her kind of music.


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