18 April, 2010

Great weather

...and I've been at home the whole day!

Yesterday did I go to Duomo to buy some things and when I got home did I do some illustrations for Project 1. I'm almost finished with all of them. On friday did I show the illustrations I had done but the teacher didn't like the fabric that I chose, so I had to remake it in another fabric. And today have I done 5 illustrations. I have 2 more to do, but the paper that I'm using finished, so I have to buy more if it. I still have to make some flats for the Illustrator class.

Anyway, yesterday did I go out with some friends. We went to Just cavalli. It was fun as usual, but it was very crowded because of the Milano Fuori(wich I missed!)

Tomorrow: last Contemporary art lesson before exam.


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