10 April, 2010

Giorgio Armani

This day have been great! I woke up at 4 pm and me and my friend went to eat breakfast. We decided to walk to her place and on the way did we first see motorbikes everywhere(hells angels :D). The traffic got stopped in like 10 min util everything was finished.

We keeped in walking towards her place and she stopped walking.
She said: That is Giorgio Armani! We just passed Giorgio Armani!
I said: No it wasn't!
She: Yes! It was!
We both looked back and all the people looked at him.
Me: Let's go back! Hurry up!
She: Alright
He went in to the cinema and we too.
Me to Giorgio: Scusi, can I take a picture with you.
He: Yes, of course.
Me and my friend where shaking so much. We where speachless hahahaha
Me (HAHAHAHAHA): I am a fashion student! (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
That is like the funniest thing you can say! HAHAHA I was so happy and I just wanted to say something hahahaha!!!
And we took the picture, said "thank you so much" and went away.

I am so happy now hahaha. It was so much fun. I mean, I've never expected to meet any fashion designer on the street where I live, just walking. Well, now I know that it can happen :)

Now: go to a park and enjoy the sun. And after go to a bar and watch el classico :)


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