09 April, 2010

Do you know what I don't like? Hot weather when I'm not wearing proper clothes! Today was summer for me, it was really hot outside! But the bad thing is was that I had class all day.
Anyway... Pattern making and tailoring is almost finished. Next week do I have to hand out all my "garments", so I will show you everything. And after that do we have a small "project". We have to pick a japanese desinger and take a garment from their collection and make a copy of it. We have 4 lessons to do it and we have to work in groups of 2 or 3.

In Project 1 have I only finished all 15 outfits. But only the sketches. I have to colour them also. In 4 weeks does it have to be finished, and with it do we have to show the outfit that we've chosen to make, not finished, but almost.

Today: Party in Limelight. And I don't know what to wear... hmmm....


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