28 April, 2010


I just came home from Como and I am really tired! You don't understand how I feel right now.
I can begin with saying that Como is so nice. And so beautiful! If You ever go to Milano, then you also should visit Como. And there was a guy in a Gelateria, I think he's the most beautiful creature I've seen in Milano. I couldn't stop looking at him and his smile was the prettiest smile ever! oooohh....*dreaming about him*

Anyway... we where looking for a fabric store and Kris, our "guide", took us to the wrong side of Como, when the store was 100 meters from the station! hahaha... and he stepped on poo and it got on his leg, poor guy!!
When we finally found the store, was it closed! So we asked for another store that we later found. The fabrics where soooo expensive! It's much cheaper to buy it in Milano. But I bought some 10cm samples for the Project 1 book.

Time: ~17.30, and we decide to go up for this kind of lift thing up to the "mountain", not really a mountain but it's up in the air haha.
When we're there do we start walking further up. And we're ending up at the top. It took us a long time, that's for sure. And we whe
re tired as hell! The funny thing was that Kris always where behind us and he began to have hallucinations. He said "I swear while walking there I heard monkeys". Hahahahaha he really is special!

And then did we walk down to the lift and then go to the station and back to Milano.

We're going there another time in June. They have boats and stuff. Really nice :)

Pictures here:

Yesterday: I slept at my firends place. And we where ending up running outside in the rain. And there was thunder and lightning also! So exciting!

Now: sleep!

Buona notte

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