28 April, 2010

Michiko koshino update

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I just came home from Como and I am really tired! You don't understand how I feel right now.
I can begin with saying that Como is so nice. And so beautiful! If You ever go to Milano, then you also should visit Como. And there was a guy in a Gelateria, I think he's the most beautiful creature I've seen in Milano. I couldn't stop looking at him and his smile was the prettiest smile ever! oooohh....*dreaming about him*

Anyway... we where looking for a fabric store and Kris, our "guide", took us to the wrong side of Como, when the store was 100 meters from the station! hahaha... and he stepped on poo and it got on his leg, poor guy!!
When we finally found the store, was it closed! So we asked for another store that we later found. The fabrics where soooo expensive! It's much cheaper to buy it in Milano. But I bought some 10cm samples for the Project 1 book.

Time: ~17.30, and we decide to go up for this kind of lift thing up to the "mountain", not really a mountain but it's up in the air haha.
When we're there do we start walking further up. And we're ending up at the top. It took us a long time, that's for sure. And we whe
re tired as hell! The funny thing was that Kris always where behind us and he began to have hallucinations. He said "I swear while walking there I heard monkeys". Hahahahaha he really is special!

And then did we walk down to the lift and then go to the station and back to Milano.

We're going there another time in June. They have boats and stuff. Really nice :)

Pictures here:

Yesterday: I slept at my firends place. And we where ending up running outside in the rain. And there was thunder and lightning also! So exciting!

Now: sleep!

Buona notte


Testing blogger by email! Now can I send directly from my phone. Yaay me!
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26 April, 2010

Modern and contemporary art...

...exam next tuesday. We have to give in like a project. What we have to do is to choose an artist/painting and write an essay about the artist/panting. Why we choose that person/painting. And then do a thing inspired by the artist/painting. And write about the thing and bla bla bla....

I chose Claude Monet, Cathedral. One of his serial paintings. Why? Because I like his serial paintings. If you dont know what it is; he has made paintings of same object/view but during different times. So the paintings are the same but in different colors.

So what I'm going to do is to draw an outfit inspired by the painting and then change the colors and materials so it fits for different times in the day.

Tomorrow: go to Como (outside Milano) to buy fabrics for Project 1.


24 April, 2010

Michiko Koshino

I'm almost done with the jacket and I've started with the puffy things. Here are some pictures of the jacket.


20 April, 2010

Cruel Intentions.

I've opened my eyes, but this bad dream doesn't go away.

I really am trying to shut every negative thought out of my head and for some reason wont it stop.
I'm so tired of all the falseness in this world and in this town. How can people be so ignorant and wanting other people the worst. Right now am I living in a bad world. But I guess I have to get used to it, because I'm not getting out of it... That's life, isn't it?

One thing is important. I am getting angry and sad, but it wont take my down. I'm to strong and it will make me even stronger!

To "celebrate" this should we all look at Cruel intentions.

There are so many things I want, but I can not afford to buy them. F*ck that!

Anyway, I have to sleep soon and I will show you what todays dream is about:

Zimmermann, swimsuit, €190
Zimmermann, bikini, €175
ADAM, skirt, €330
Haute Hippie, jacket, €1120

Tomorrow: Inter-Barcelona. WE LOVE BARCELONA <3

And by the way, I've finished with all the illustrations for Project 1. That means that I'm finished with my first collection. Yaaaay

Buona notte

18 April, 2010

Great weather

...and I've been at home the whole day!

Yesterday did I go to Duomo to buy some things and when I got home did I do some illustrations for Project 1. I'm almost finished with all of them. On friday did I show the illustrations I had done but the teacher didn't like the fabric that I chose, so I had to remake it in another fabric. And today have I done 5 illustrations. I have 2 more to do, but the paper that I'm using finished, so I have to buy more if it. I still have to make some flats for the Illustrator class.

Anyway, yesterday did I go out with some friends. We went to Just cavalli. It was fun as usual, but it was very crowded because of the Milano Fuori(wich I missed!)

Tomorrow: last Contemporary art lesson before exam.


16 April, 2010


Blogging during fashion history:
The teacher is Bad, with a big B!!!

I said: "what the f*ck means before after his death!?"

He said, I qoute "if she keep on going with the pictures that fast, I swear I'm gonna vomit!"

She about YSL show: "hihihi look they are showing the breast"

15 April, 2010

The unnoticed

Here is a sneak peek of my Project 1 collection.

I still have to do 11 more drawings haha. I'm not stressed. I still have a few weeks :)

School from 9-19
Fashion history
Project 1 research
Textile design


14 April, 2010

Michiko Koshino

I started with the Japanese designer project today.
Vicky and I chose Michiko Koshino. We are supposed to make a copy of one garment from the collection.
This is it:

We're making the same one but in regular cotton fabric. We have 3 more lessons to do it...exciting!


Pucci please!

I've seen a dress that I want for summer. So beautiful! The zipper and draping details in the back are so nice!

What do you think?

Price, €1110


Bouna notte

10 April, 2010

Giorgio Armani

This day have been great! I woke up at 4 pm and me and my friend went to eat breakfast. We decided to walk to her place and on the way did we first see motorbikes everywhere(hells angels :D). The traffic got stopped in like 10 min util everything was finished.

We keeped in walking towards her place and she stopped walking.
She said: That is Giorgio Armani! We just passed Giorgio Armani!
I said: No it wasn't!
She: Yes! It was!
We both looked back and all the people looked at him.
Me: Let's go back! Hurry up!
She: Alright
He went in to the cinema and we too.
Me to Giorgio: Scusi, can I take a picture with you.
He: Yes, of course.
Me and my friend where shaking so much. We where speachless hahahaha
Me (HAHAHAHAHA): I am a fashion student! (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
That is like the funniest thing you can say! HAHAHA I was so happy and I just wanted to say something hahahaha!!!
And we took the picture, said "thank you so much" and went away.

I am so happy now hahaha. It was so much fun. I mean, I've never expected to meet any fashion designer on the street where I live, just walking. Well, now I know that it can happen :)

Now: go to a park and enjoy the sun. And after go to a bar and watch el classico :)


09 April, 2010

Do you know what I don't like? Hot weather when I'm not wearing proper clothes! Today was summer for me, it was really hot outside! But the bad thing is was that I had class all day.
Anyway... Pattern making and tailoring is almost finished. Next week do I have to hand out all my "garments", so I will show you everything. And after that do we have a small "project". We have to pick a japanese desinger and take a garment from their collection and make a copy of it. We have 4 lessons to do it and we have to work in groups of 2 or 3.

In Project 1 have I only finished all 15 outfits. But only the sketches. I have to colour them also. In 4 weeks does it have to be finished, and with it do we have to show the outfit that we've chosen to make, not finished, but almost.

Today: Party in Limelight. And I don't know what to wear... hmmm....


04 April, 2010

1 week ago...

I took a walk with Vicky and we ended sitting in the sun. I looked up in the sky for a long time, and Vicky asked my why. And I told her "it's the only time I can see time pass".

Friday: me and my friens went to an outlet 1 hour from my town. It was a bit sunny but it also rained. I bought two Tiger of Sweden blouses, a Wesc chiffon blouse and a pair of beige Gant stretch jeans. I also bought lunch boxes hahaha. It says "Ă„lsklingen" on it. I bought one for me and one for Vicky. Haha

On the way home did we see a rainbow. We just got closer and closer, while going by car. The feeling was really weird. My friend told me to put on my sunglasses 'cause the colors gets better, and we looked on the rainbow. We got really close to the rainbow and there was some trees on the side of the road and we saw the rainbow a front of the trees and it ended on the road. It is the first time I see something like that. The feeling was scary and nice. I got chills all over my body. I didn't even know that you could see the end of the rainbow.
Anyway, lucky me! :) haha

Now do I have to continue celebrating easter. Today am I going to an easter/assyrian party.

Hope you have a nice easter also!


01 April, 2010

Vertical stripes

First day in Sweden and I've bought some things. The most important thing is a pair of tights with vertical stripes... I've been looking for that in Milano for a very long time, and finally I've found them!

Price: €8