18 March, 2010


I got back my fashion drawing test, the resutls: sufficient. He only gave insufficient/sufficient. I was really scared because when he talked in class didn't he sound very happy. And many didn't pass the test. So when he called my name and I was in my way to him, my heart was beating so fast. But it wasn't that bad. He told me that he was happy with the results and he has seen a lot of inprovement of my work. So I'm really happy :)

Today did I go to Triennale. There was an exibition of Roy Liechtenstein or something like that... Our modern and contemporary art- teacher told us to go there. I din't find it interesting. But me and my friends went in to a exibition of Greta Garbo. That was more interesting. There was clothes and pictures of her. Much more fun :)

Tomorrow: 09.00-12.00 Material Technology
12.30-15.30 Project 1 research
16.00-19.00 Textile design
Oh my God! That wont be fun at all!

I'll watch a movie now. One movie that YOU should watch is Up in the air. Really good!


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